Friday, 23 October 2009

Welcome to Dunnville, Ontario Canada,_Ontario

This is the welcome sign as you come into our town from the west end on the King's Highway # 3. This is the short cut for many Americans traveling from Buffalo to Detroit. This highway follows the north shore of Lake Erie, and is very scenic. you come relatively close to such places as Paris, London, and Windsor. However these famous places are of course the Ontario ones!!!!
This is a new sign. The old one was really funny. It was a large bill-board thing with "Welcome to Dunnville, glad you came , hope you stay". What made it so funny was that there was tomb-stones in front of it for sale and a graveyard behind it.


  1. This is my first time visiting, and I'll be back. Your photos are beautiful. Blessings to you & yours.

  2. Wow Louise Thank-you so much for the wonderful compliment. Also for you and all you love. Many blessings as well

  3. now sonny sikora!
    what are you doing up so late at night or is it so early in the morning?
    this surely is a beautiful picture of our home town. i will have to make sure mom golden sees it!
    yeh beautiful town all right but did you tell louise that there are only three traffic lights and dunnville rolls up its sidewalks at nine in the evening?..hahahahaha!
    and that there was one little brat born there in 1952!
    now you go to bed boy....over and out from your terry

  4. I was actually born in 57, but I can not find a way to change that.

  5. dear sonny...go into "edit profile" and you can put in your right birthday...
    i THOUGHT you were the same age as sandra panda.
    ...maybe you are a bit younger.... her birthday is in terry