Saturday, 9 April 2011

Ruby Tuesday a Toronto Moment

The City of Toronto, Ontario Canada. To-day this city of 6 million is the premier city of Canada and the 5th largest city in North America. It is surpassed by Mexico City,  New York City,  Los Angels, and Chicago. The city was formally the Town/City of York, Upper Canada , Then the Capital of Upper Canada as Toronto and when Confederation became a reality it became Toronto, Ontario in 1867.

Toronto to-day has the distinction of being the most diversely populated city in the world. It is said to be 54% minority groups. The largest group is white English, Anglican. Second is the south east Asian groups. Surprisingly for such a large a diverse city the murder rate is very low (1.2 murders a week) as well as other crimes, are low for this kind of city..

Toronto has one of the highest standards of living in the world and it is a very expensive place. But well in line with other cities her size.

For a fairly long time Toronto had the highest skyline in the world out side of the USA. The CN Tower was only surpassed a year ago, by the Bourj Dubai.

Toronto has many famous pro sports teams, but sadly for them all they are not known as winners!!!! I am a Montreal fan so hehe on Toronto!!!! The city Motto should be "Next Year"

Any way I thought I would send this along as a This is what it looks like near where I live in Canada. Toronto is actually about 100 KM due north from were I live. That said you have to drive around Lake Ontario to get there from here.