Sunday, 30 January 2011

Ruby Tuesday from Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ruby Tuesday from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

George Montague-Dunk, Earl of Halifax, had been instrumental in obtaining British government approval for a projected town. And so in his honour the new founded village was named Halifax. Halifax was also the site of the largest military fort in the Empire. It was constructed to help protect British North America from the Americans. An earlier fort was built to help protect all the British colonies including the "13" from the French.
Halifax for a time was the premier city of Canada. It then became Montreal, and to-day it is now Toronto.

Halifax, Nova Scotia seen from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Halifax has a half a million people and is the largest city in Canada's Eastern Provinces (the Maritime Provinces). It is also the Capital of Nova Scotia.

The City Harbour. It really is very beautiful. This was taken at sun raise the other day.  I lived here for many years and my Children and my Grandson were born here.

A night view of Halifax, Nova Scotia from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. By the way Nova Scotia means New Scotland from the Latin.

Nova Scotia has the highest tides in the world. They can be as much as 20 meters in variance. Here is a pic of a high tide on a pier. the next is a low tide but this one is only 10 meters in difference.

another low tide not far from Halifax, Nova Scotia,

This is down town Halifax on the water front.

.Here is the famous Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia lighthouse. It is a very beautiful light-house and the ocean views are amazing.

 Container shipping is big business in Halifax. These ones are located at the mouth of the harbour, in the south end.

 and finally to-day Halifax at dawn.
I hope you all enjoyed my favourite city in the world from a few pics I presented to-day.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Ruby Tuesday January 18 2011

I was at a wonderful restaurant in Dunnville, Ontario to-day I live in this town part time. and here was this great sign. Lots f Ruby Red here

Here is the whole display. We actually have a religious colony called the Mennonites that live here and they do not use cars but horse and carriage. It was not meant for them but rather as a decoration.

 Here is a Heinz Ketchup can for the smokers buts at that Restaurant. I just love how the snow and red combine and look so patriotic.

 Now back to my Dunnville home, It was - 30 o C to-day here and that was a record, including wind chill. It was so cold to-day that it was a National News type of a story. Even the sky was pink from the cold. I have to admit that it was the camera not me that saw the sky so pink at 7 this morning at sun raise.

And finally for to-day the wishing well. The poor plastic flowers felt the cold as well. Do not feel sad for me as for to-marrow we are expecting rain, and + 5 o C. This is a day in the life, in Southern Ontario, Canada.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

a Quote from Christ Jan 12 2011

A garden sign given to me by my next door neighbour

“You have heard the law that says, ‘Love your neighbor’ and hate your enemy. But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven".

This is for most people and myself included nearly imposable. However I can and it does happen that it can be very rewarding on the human level. That sign in the picture like I stated was given to me by my next door neighbour. I hated him for a few years and the reasons were not of mine concern, but rather my grandfather's.

They had a property dispute and it became extremely ugly for both men. People were drawn in and so forth. I admit I wished for this man great harm and so on but of course I was not going to get my hands dirty.

Years later after my Grandfather died and the neighbours wife died within a month of each other. I decided that the fight was long dead and stupid. Huge amount of money had been spent and the cold war was still on. A neat thing happened the day I moved into my Grandparents home. I seen that evil neighbour in his back yard, he gave me a look and I gave him a glare. Then I said to the Lord, Why can I not grow up. Funny thing was as soon as I said that, I went to the fence and said hello. It shocked me.

Very long story shortened way down. My neigbour and I have been the best of friends from that day forth.  I discouvered that my enemy was not just a good person, but a godly man. Better he was kind and is trusting.

If it was not for a little 5 second prayer, I believe the war would still be on. with no winners. The Lord sure knows how to do things right!!!!!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Ruby Tuesday Jan 10 2011 / Cold and Snow / froid et la neige

To-day is a cold -17 o C and we have snow. Yuk!!!!!! Coldest day this winter so far....
Aujourd'hui est un froid -17 ° C et nous avons de la neige. Yuk !!!!!! Jour le plus froid de l'hiver jusqu'à présent ....

My little Girl Asia, the Shih-Tzu enjoying the fluffy stuff. Not so much here then yet
Ma petite fille en Asie, le Shih-Tzu appréciant la poudreuse. Pas tellement ici, puis encore

Part of the garden in the winter wonder land, I rather Palm Trees and beaches my self!!!!
Une partie du jardin dans la neige, je suis plutôt palmiers et des plages de moi-même!!

My garden benches are ready for drinks and a party!!!!
Mon bancs de jardin sont prêts pour les boissons et une fête!!

Here is a view of the garden, I just know there are tulips getting ready for spring under there!!
Voici une vue sur le jardin, je sais qu'il ya des tulipes se préparent pour le printemps là-dessous!

No red here in this pic, but if you where out side you would get red fast enough. Man it is cold to-day.
Pas de rouge photo of this danses, MAIS SI Vous êtiez à Côté de Vous Obtenir Rapidement Assez rouge. Man Aujourd'hui fel il froid.

No red here either but just a nice sign for all who visit to-day. There is snow and cold on it,  but I hope the sign warms you up even if a little.
Pas de rouge ici non plus, mais juste un signe agréable pour tous ceux qui visitent le jour. Il ya de la neige et le froid sur elle, mais j'espère que le signe que vous réchauffe, même si un peu.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Ruby Tuesday for Jan. 3rd 2011/ Ruby Tuesday pour le 3 janvier 2011

My Daughter and her boy friend came for a visit during Christmas, and here are a few pics. Also here is my other little girl Asia the Shih-Tzu
Ma fille et son petit ami est venu pour une visite à Noël, et voici quelques photos. Également dans ce pic est mon autre petite fille en Asia du Shih-Tzu.

She was here for her birthday and traveled here from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Elle était là pour son anniversaire et est venu ici de Halifax, Nouvelle-Écosse.

Of course we had dinner as well. It was really good and my daughter helped me with it ~!!!!!
Bien sûr, nous avons dîné ainsi. Il était vraiment bon et ma fille m'a aidé avec elle ~!!!!!

Her better half serves our Great Nation in the Navy, out of Halifax. He is on the HMCS Athabaskan.
Sa meilleure moitié sert notre Grande Nation dans la Marine, à partir de Halifax. Il est sur le HMCS Athabaskan.

This is the Badge for the HMCS Athabaskan. I served on her myself in 1981 and threw to 1982
Ce Badge pour le HMCS Athabaskan. J'ai servi sur moi-même en 1981 et lancé à 1982

Finally the beautiful HMCS Athabaskan.
Enfin, le HMCS Athabaskan belle.

This is video of the ship done for the British Pres a few years ago. When HMCS Athabaskan was there.
C'est la vidéo du navire fait pour la British-Prés il ya quelques années. Lorsque le HMCS Athabaskan était là.