Monday, 10 January 2011

Ruby Tuesday Jan 10 2011 / Cold and Snow / froid et la neige

To-day is a cold -17 o C and we have snow. Yuk!!!!!! Coldest day this winter so far....
Aujourd'hui est un froid -17 ° C et nous avons de la neige. Yuk !!!!!! Jour le plus froid de l'hiver jusqu'à présent ....

My little Girl Asia, the Shih-Tzu enjoying the fluffy stuff. Not so much here then yet
Ma petite fille en Asie, le Shih-Tzu appréciant la poudreuse. Pas tellement ici, puis encore

Part of the garden in the winter wonder land, I rather Palm Trees and beaches my self!!!!
Une partie du jardin dans la neige, je suis plutôt palmiers et des plages de moi-même!!

My garden benches are ready for drinks and a party!!!!
Mon bancs de jardin sont prêts pour les boissons et une fête!!

Here is a view of the garden, I just know there are tulips getting ready for spring under there!!
Voici une vue sur le jardin, je sais qu'il ya des tulipes se préparent pour le printemps là-dessous!

No red here in this pic, but if you where out side you would get red fast enough. Man it is cold to-day.
Pas de rouge photo of this danses, MAIS SI Vous êtiez à Côté de Vous Obtenir Rapidement Assez rouge. Man Aujourd'hui fel il froid.

No red here either but just a nice sign for all who visit to-day. There is snow and cold on it,  but I hope the sign warms you up even if a little.
Pas de rouge ici non plus, mais juste un signe agréable pour tous ceux qui visitent le jour. Il ya de la neige et le froid sur elle, mais j'espère que le signe que vous réchauffe, même si un peu.


  1. Wonderful shots! Asia looks like she's having fun.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday.

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    Moms... Check Nyo

  2. Beautiful pics! We've had -15 before Christmas!
    I don't like cold and snow either!
    Keep warm with Asia;o)

    Have a happy RT****

  3. Yuki desu yo!!! All our snow are gone at the Asia we enjoy the snow a lot! have a lovely week!

  4. We had this weather 2 weeks ago, very cold and a lot of snow. It is very unusual for Belgium to have such a lot of snow and therefore we were not equipped at all and it has been a mess all over the country.

  5. You've got a lovely winter home too. I think snow is lightening up the gray winter scenery in a wonderful way.
    God's special gift to us Northerners.
    I appreciate the way you're writing your comments in both English and French.
    I had French for three years in gymnasium...and graduated in -68.
    Since then I have not had much to do with the beautiful, but oh, so difficult language. ( The verbs in particular caused me much trouble.)
    Reading out your French texts loud, is a welcome exercise.

  6. Gatina, we are used to it here and it takes only a few hours to get every thing back to normal. Sometimes we find it hard to believe how parts of Europe suffer from a few CM's of snow. We do understand it though all the same.

  7. Great captures, but too cold for me. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

  8. Wonderful shots of your winter wonderland. Asia is a cutie, it seems most dogs love the snow. I am with you a warm beach would be very nice right now.

  9. As an american I had to convert to F - Brrrrrrr! Yet, the snow over the garden is merely the impetus to dream of Spring, we await the season to plant. Cold, but beautiful!

  10. Wow! It was way colder in your garden than in mine today! The world looks so pretty when it's covered with snow, I think!

  11. Felisol French is my second and I still have difficulty with it. Now that I live in the Niagara Region and not in Eastern Canada I really only use it here for practice. There really is no French at all in this area

  12. Ralph I have to translate all the time the temps when viewing Blogs. I grew up with the old system but have not used in 40 years. The fun part was when my son learned the old system in school, they called it history. He had a blast with measures such as Yard, and Foot!!!!!

  13. EG WOW, it was -17 when I wrote this this-morning but thankfully the temps did go up to -6 so not so bad in the end. Still way tooo cold :)

  14. Thanks for stopping by! Your yard is beautiful in the snow, I can only imagine in the summer! Asia is adorable. Our dog was out playing in the snow a bit today too... she's 70 lbs though!

  15. Wow, you guys are packed wit snow!

  16. The snow seems to create a magical, arty world!

  17. It IS a winter wonderland. -17 degree... Gosh, I don't even want to imagine...
    Thanks for sharing great photos of winter wonderland and have a wonderful day.

  18. Great photos. I was born in Canada, but we moved to UK when I was 2 yrs old. :O)

  19. You've found so many red, and they are beautiful amidst the snow!

  20. What makes me happy is thinking that under those snow is tulips ready to bloom this spring. Thanks for the visit and happy Wednesday!

  21. I love your touches of red against all that white stuff!!


  22. Happy Ruby Tuesday! These are beautiful snow photos with a touch of red. Your dog is so cute. ;-)


  23. Sweet, sweet snow...your photos are beautiful!
    Happy winter!

  24. Looks pretty but brrr... I'm with you on the beaches and palm trees thing. I honestly have no idea how I managed to live in NY for 20 years, I hate the cold.

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  25. hi sonny...i am sorry that i haven't been here sooner to see your ice palace!!
    so pretty and yet so cold!

    yes i have been busy with mom and dad golden...have been staying here every night for the last two weeks...i am so thankful that mom golden has internet here!

    i will be waiting for your quote of christ post sonny have not grown up and been a disappointment to me yet.,i am proud of terry

  26. that's a lot of snow, beautiful pictures

    Thanks for your visit to my blog... have a great weekend