Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Ruby Tuesday June 29 2010/ Canada Day did you know?


Facts about Canada

  • Canada is the second largest country in the world, with 9,971,000 square kilometers of land.
  • The baseball glove was invented in Canada in 1883.
  • With only three people per square kilometer, Canada has the fourth lowest population density in the world.
  • Vancouver Canada is tied with Zurich Switzerland for the highest quality of life of any city in the world.
  • The world's smallest jail is believed to be in Rodney, Ontario, Canada. It is only 24.3 square meters (about 270 square feet).
  • Canada has the ninth biggest economy of the world
  • According to the United Nations Human Development Index, Canada has the highest quality of life in the world.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, Canada does not own the North Pole. In fact, the North Pole is not owned by any country. It is believed, however, that Santa Claus is from Canada.
  • Canada is the world's eighth biggest trader.
  • Of all of the world's producers of natural gas, oil, copper, zinc, nickel, aluminum, diamonds, uranium, and gold, Canada is in the top five.
  • Canada is the home of many great inventions, including: basketball, hockey, the electric light bulb, the electric range, the electron microscope, standard time, the television, the telephone, the military tank, the snow mobile, the hoover craft, and the zipper.
  • Canada is the fifth largest energy producer.
  • Canada has the world's highest tertiary education enrollment
  • Canada's coast line is longer than the Pacific shore line
  • Canada is about the same size as Europe.
  • Canada is the first modern nation to be born of not war. revolution, or civil war. But from peace and co-operation with England.
  • Canada has 5 provinces and 2 territories that are Larger than Texas.
  • Canada is the largest nation with a Monarch, at present Elizabeth II.
  • The British Empire was born in Canada in 1502 with John Cabot landing in what is now St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Of the G20 Canada has the lowest crime rate
  • Canada has been named the best nation to live in more than any other, 9 times in the past 15 years
  • Most Canadians have never seen an igloo, or a polar bear !!!!!!

Monday, 28 June 2010

Canada Day/ Ruby Tuesday

                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY
Our Flag from 1957 to 1965, The previous one had green maple leaves.

Our Post Office built 1930. Decked out for Thursday

A local store , This one always shows the flag, I like that.

Sadly two more Canadians died on the weekend in Afghanistan. Both Medics.

With Bush in power this has become a rare site in Canada. Now we are seeing more American Flags flown again. I like that. Our neighbours are also our friends.

Again Happy Birthday Canada on July 1st. we are now 143 years young
A really nice rendition of O Canada here

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Toronto Riots and the G20. A sad day for Canada indeed (not my normal post)

Police cars set on Fire by rioters on a Toronto street

Destroying a Police cruiser, on a Toronto Street. I hope they get time in Jail.

Streets became deserted, for most part people stayed away from the riots

Not all was bad, here is a peaceful demonstration.

Riot Police forced to do their Job

Toronto the Capital of our Province of Ontario, The picture was taken from the CN Tower. The Riots are happening in the area of the lower right hand corner and up threw the towers. This is not normal for a Canadian city to ever go threw what these pictures show. Very sad day for us. At the moment most arrests are at least not of Canadians, They are mainly Americans and English from trouble groups that actually go to these things to do damage. Yes and there are Canadians in that bunch as well..

Friday, 25 June 2010

Just a pic to honour so many of our Afghanistan War Dead as of late

Our Town's Cenotaph

The Flag of Canada, the Flag of Great Britain, and the Flag of Ontario, lowered once again for the death of one of our youth.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Houses on my Block, all 100+ years old

Here are some homes on my Street in Dunnville. I hope you enjoy them. They are 100 years old +

This one is beautiful. The gardens are just lovely.

There are several houses in Dunnville, with this Block Construction. I really like it. It makes them look like they will be here a long time.

This house just became a historic society home. The lady that owns it has been true to the house and it's original character.

here is one of my favourite neighbour-hood  Homes. It is just lovely and well kept. The steps are being repainted. I love the Balcony.

Here is the little Lady on the block. This is such a lovely little house. They have the most beautiful lighting at night for it

another beautiful house on my block. I like the green on the shutters

I really like this house. It belongs to a person I know. This house is brick that was painted yellow. I thought it would look awful but it does look beautiful. It has a cottage feel about it in amongst the huge trees.

This house had large renovations done to it in the 1970's. It destroyed the 1880's style of the interiors. Now it has been restyled back to the 1880's but with all things modern.

This house and the next one next one are special to me. I have a personal interest in them. I love these two houses a lot. The one below will be familiar to people who follow this Blog as the home most featured here.

I hope every one enjoyed a small tour of my Block. I will be featuring my Home-town threw out Canada Week. Which is basically from now till July 1st.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Ruby Tuesday June 20 2010

Here we go again another great Ruby Tuesday. A wordless Ruby Tuesday, this time. Have a great summer and to-day is the first day of this great season.

The Kniphofia (Torch Lily, or Red Hot Poker)

Saturday, 19 June 2010

On The Wings Of A Snow White Dove

here is a nice song for you sonny...when i saw that beautiful morning dove in your dunnville garden...i just thought of this song!....love terry

Birds from here

A Cathartes aura (Turkey Buzzard), In their own way they are beautiful !!! What is incredible is watching them glide threw the air. They are amazing to watch. This one was flying over my house this evening.

A Charadrius vociferus Kill-dear, This one was at the Ball diamond just a couple 100 meters from my house. It is amazing how they fuss when you get near them. Broken wing and all, faked of course

A beautiful Hirundo austica (Barn Swallow). This one is a very busy guy. He has a home at the next door neighbour's place. They are the perfect insect controller.

a lovely Zenaida macroura (Morning Dove) in one of my trees.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Two Blocks from my House

A Great Blue Huron. these are very large birds and just beautiful, They are the Town Bird as it where for our town of  Dunnville

The sign coming into our town

Our Centennial Fountain, It was wreaked by kids years ago, now it is used as a giant garden planter. It was very beautiful in its day.

Muddy the giant Cat-fish. This is the largest Fish monument in the world to-day.

.The mighty Grand River, and a Great Blue Huron

Thompson Creek a small tributary to the Grand River

And a wonderful Bridge in the park as well

A lovely water-lily one amongst thousands.

All these pics where taken just two blocks from my house. To the West. It is so beautiful and some what understated. Still what a great place to just let the dog go and run,

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A Ruby Tuesday Thank-you

I just want to say thank-you to every one for the last 2 days VIA Ruby Tuesday. I had 312 visitors, for me that is just incredible. Thank-you Mary the Teach for putting this thing together, and Terry for talking me into doing this a few months ago. Also thank-you every one for visiting and commenting. It has made my day special.
The other thing that is so wonderful is that I am meeting people from around the world, how good is that!!! Again thanx all
If my Grandmother could ever Imagine so many people from around the world would even look at a picture of her garden she would be so surprised. I am thrilled for her