Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Canadian Roses

William Baffin Explorer Rose, This is a simple but beautiful Pink Rose.
Henry Hudson another great explorer Rose, this one will bloom a few times a year and the flower is large, sadly they do not last long

Frontenac, These have huge blooms and probably the best smelling of the lot of the Explorer Roses.

and the Morden Rose, This is not an Explorer, but has the same heritage as the others.

There are a few Canadian types of Roses, These are the Explorer, Morden, and Parkland. There are others but not readily available yet. The best part is that they cost about the same as most others and they survive where others struggle.

The new Explorer rose garden features the beauty of this made-in-Canada collection.
In one of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s (AAFC) most impressive horticultural success stories, this series of roses was developed at the Central Experimental Farm to be hardy in tough Canadian climates. About 25 years ago, Dr Felicitas Svejda was successful with the first 13 cultivars which she named after Canadian explorers.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my photo blog today! Gorgeous roses.

  2. and thanx you for dropping a comment my way, Ladies always appreciated.

  3. Did I tell you my best memory of the Canadian Niagara Falls besides the falls that summer of 76 was we went to this place where there were lots of bisons and may be other animals, (I couldn't remember)

    One of the mother bisons was giving birth. All the parents were bringing their kids to watch this miracle of birth. It was a shock to me because as a Chinese, my mum won't let me witness my dog's delivery of the puppies. Here, the Canadians were explaining to their kids.

    That was a sight I never forgot. It's so long ago.

  4. Reg, thanks for sharing some beautiful photos.
    I've often wondered, "do all rose plants have thorns? All the ones we have around here do.


  5. These are so pretty. I hope our roses in my area get to look as nice as these. Now they are just rainbeaten ugly things :(

    Hood Photo Blog

  6. Hood all roses love water/ rain. what may not be pleasing for you, is a god send for the plant as a whole. If you can fertilize the roses a lot at this point they will thank-you a lot!!!!!

  7. Old Geezer. Like all things in life and your blog will testify to all roses no matter how sweet the smell, has a thorn!!!!!!!

  8. Ann, what a lovely story, My first experience with this sort of thing was with my Grandparents Dairy farm in the Niagara Region. I was 9 at the time. I was made to watch a calf be born and I thought the mothers guts where coming out. I was so scared for her. Then behold a calf. I was made to raise that calf for a couple of months and it was such a huge learning curve for me. It was well done by my Grandparents Maternal.

  9. gee sonny!..i never knew that there was a set of "explorer roses"!..ha!
    canada may have just a few of roses but that delicate "morden rose" makes up the quality of what we don't have.
    i am sure that when bernie and i were travelling manitoba along the stone roads towards rapid city where donna collin's mom and dad and her sister, valarie live, that we saw a lot of these roses growing wild on the sides of the roads, and living right close to the golden yellow canola fields...what a lovely sight!
    love terry