Tuesday, 1 June 2010

a support the troops moment, Please watch this, it is wonderful


For our troops as well,
This video is incredible, It was done by an American grade three class for their Memorial Day, in the United States of America. Please take the time to watch it. Yes it is American, however it is not about American war propaganda, but rather about the little guy or girl who serves their country, any country


  1. That was well made (especially the musical score)

  2. dear sonny...this IS an incredible video and it is so heart touching and the singing of the children whose freedom the brave troops are fighting for is sweet sweet music!
    thanks for bringing me here to listen to it sonny,
    love terry

  3. I am so glad you enjoyed it

  4. the score is what I was so enjoying about the whole.

  5. personally I am completely apposed to the war in Afghanistan and the real reasons why we are there. That said I will never be apposed to the troops that are there. The Governments of our countries have been saying that in order to support the troops you need to support the wars. How wrong they are. I am also glad that the average person never bought into that. Again give to our troops every thing they need and support them any way you can.