Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Fruit of the Guarden

Prunus salicina Burbank (Burbank Japanese Plum), This is such a great producer, and better yet, the fruit is wonderful. These are a mid sized to large plum. When ripe it is a reddish purple colour and very attractive. This guy is just out side my back door and gives wonderful shade as well in the afternoon. The tree is very beautiful also

 Pyrus communis Bartlett (The Bartlett Pear, Williams or the European Pear), all are correct. Here in Canada it is referred to in all ways, but in the USA it is referred to as the Bartlett or Williams. This is a great eating pear, I like to think that this is the pear that all us kids drew in school way back when!!!

Pyrus communis Bosc (Bosc or Kaiser Pear). these are the best tasting of all pears. When ripe it is not attractive, but what the heck the taste is perfection. The tree for this type can get rather large so one needs to take that in consideration when planting in a small garden.

Fragaria Vesca, ( North American straw-berry variety). These are native to the Niagara Region, lucky us!!!! There is nothing like them for flavour any where. It does take so many to get a snack from them as they are very small. What I do is add domestic straw-berries to them and just enjoy.

A number of years ago one of my Aunts came for a visit from Saskatchewan (a western Province). I had no fruit trees at that time. She was dismayed at me. She likened it to going to Saskatchewan and not seeing a wheat field. So I went out and bought the three trees featured here right away!!!

So just for fun what is your favourite fruit that you can grow in your Garden?


  1. your fruit trees are looking so healthy sonny!
    and you have strawberries already?
    you know when i was a kid, i never knew that manitoba had strawberries but i have found out that they surely do...great big fields of them and for some reason they last longer than ontario ones.
    if i DID have some berry trees in out garden sonny sikora, wouldn't it be so neat if we had some saskatoon berry trees and some choke cherry trees?
    sonny, i will never forget dad golden taking us saskatoon berry picking..all of us kids and him and mom would make them into pies and jams..
    ha! THAT jam made it up for our not having butter!
    you have shown us so many treasures from your garden sonny thank you! terry

    was that your aunt from esterhazy sonny?

  2. It was my aunt from Esterhazy but not the one you may think. This was my Dad's oldest sister. Dad has 4 sisters living there. I remember so well picking Saskatoon Berries with Sandra and them splitting them up between us and then going to our separate homes with our treasures. I also remember picking Hazel Nuts later in the year along the fences. Such great memories