Thursday, 17 June 2010

Two Blocks from my House

A Great Blue Huron. these are very large birds and just beautiful, They are the Town Bird as it where for our town of  Dunnville

The sign coming into our town

Our Centennial Fountain, It was wreaked by kids years ago, now it is used as a giant garden planter. It was very beautiful in its day.

Muddy the giant Cat-fish. This is the largest Fish monument in the world to-day.

.The mighty Grand River, and a Great Blue Huron

Thompson Creek a small tributary to the Grand River

And a wonderful Bridge in the park as well

A lovely water-lily one amongst thousands.

All these pics where taken just two blocks from my house. To the West. It is so beautiful and some what understated. Still what a great place to just let the dog go and run,


  1. Very nice shot of the heron! I'm going to look Dunnville up on a map to see exactly where you are. :)

  2. Hello again...I see you placed the beautiful red lily on your sidebar...the color is truly amazing...a real beauty..thank you

    don't you just love the water peaceful.....

    btw that is one HUGE catfish..glad he is not real...he would be swallowing up all of us across the border from you...I am just a hop,skip and a jump across the border you know...

    My transplanted day lillies are blooming...

    have a blessed weekend.

  3. that sure is strange sonny.
    when i looked here this morning, i never saw that lily pad or your little doggie, asia,
    what a cutie pie, eh..the doggie that is!
    anyways the photo you have of that beautiful blue heron is just superb!
    when i used to look after that elderly lady in the country by lake ontario, i would often see a blue heron but i never did get a good picture as it would always fly away. you have a way with god's little creatures ..they just seem to really trust you and let you take great pictures of them!
    i am pleased with these dunnville pictures.
    dunnville was mom golden's home town too and betty's and teddy's and mine before we moved to welland, where gary was born in the welland annex and then we moved to trenton where sandra panda, gracie and gail were born and then on to the beautiful prairies of manitoba where david and karen became the only manitoba gophers that we had!
    i really enjoyed this post terry

  4. oops!! there is my bad spelling again!
    blue huron...i mean sonny!