Saturday, 26 June 2010

Toronto Riots and the G20. A sad day for Canada indeed (not my normal post)

Police cars set on Fire by rioters on a Toronto street

Destroying a Police cruiser, on a Toronto Street. I hope they get time in Jail.

Streets became deserted, for most part people stayed away from the riots

Not all was bad, here is a peaceful demonstration.

Riot Police forced to do their Job

Toronto the Capital of our Province of Ontario, The picture was taken from the CN Tower. The Riots are happening in the area of the lower right hand corner and up threw the towers. This is not normal for a Canadian city to ever go threw what these pictures show. Very sad day for us. At the moment most arrests are at least not of Canadians, They are mainly Americans and English from trouble groups that actually go to these things to do damage. Yes and there are Canadians in that bunch as well..


  1. why are they doing this sonny sikora?
    not even a hundred miles from us and THIS is going on?
    sonny, i really believe that we are living in the last days before the lord will come and take his children away to be with him..
    sad for all of those who are not ready though.
    sonny try and have a blessed lords day and thank you for allowing me to print out your nice house pictures for mom golden.
    to tell you the truth, her favourite picture is the one of your house.
    she so loved your mom and the two of them were such good friends and it was from your own dear mother that she learned about salvation way out in our beloved mantioba! terry

    sonny i am praying for your boy!

  2. wow, What can I say, This is so lovely. Thank-you so much. I was stunned to be watching this here in our country. That is not supposed to happen here in Canada. I guess we are all grown up now, sad.

    Sadly it is now known that the Police allowed a lot of damage to occur so they could justify the 1.3 Billion dollars they spent for the day and a half. Always the way, it seems.

    Worse it now seems also that they made a lot of arrests that where not warranted, just to get the numbers up. We need a lot more God I think, for our Politicians and Police