Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Lily Of The Valley

hi sonny sikora!
do you have any lillies of the valley?
listen to my favourite southern gospel trio sing this song, especially for you!
love terry


  1. dear sonny..i hope you like this.
    the greater vision trio is very precious to me.
    you see the little guy with the glasses?
    well one time we went to see him at copps coliseum in hamilton, where the southern quartets from all over canada and the states had gathered for two days.
    well when i got talking to gerald wolf, i asked him if he would put dad golden on his prayer list and he said he certainly would and then when i asked him to sign the picture that i had purchased of his group, he asked me, "now what is your daddy's name?"
    "it is cecil golden."
    and then you know what he did sonny sikora, he signed that picture, "to cecil golden"!
    MY picture..i had no other choice but to give it to dad golden when i got home. mom golden framed it and now it is hanging on the wall right beside dad's pictures that are in his tv room.
    a few years back, teddy who lives i iowa saw the greater vision and when he got talking to gerald and said that he once lived in ontario, canada and his name was ted golden, well what did that gerald say but, 'why!..i am still praying for cecil golden!"
    sonny he never know when some people say they will pray for you and then they don't remember to!
    just amazing, eh? terry

  2. What a wonderful story. Yes I did have Lily of the Valley here but Grandma had planted it in the front yard 40 years ago and it went threw the front lawn like a bad weed. I had to kill the front lawn to get rid of it.Worse I had to take up the soil and relay a new foundation for the lawn. Personally I like Lily of the Valley but it does have its place. My neighbour has it and I do appreciate it. I think the smell is wonderful.

    It is amazing how how some people do follow threw and remember people when they pray for them. Sadly this is rarer.