Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Just a couple of pics to-day to compliment the ones from yesterday evening

The Canadian Flag on the flag pole in front of the house

Narcissus Kedron, a wonderful plant in the spring, I posted these yesterday as well, but this was taken during the day.

 The Toronto Tulip opened up for the day, I actually like them more when they are some what closed for the evening

Tulipa Tarda, these are great little guys, they get to be about 10 cm high and do so well in the garden

The fish pond, almost ready for the season, still lots to do though. The fish are doing well.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Spring is here and in bloom, very nice pleasant days, and of course rain days as well. The flowers are popping up every where. I understand that Thursday will reach 27 o C and possibly rain to come with it.

This of course is the Common Hyacinth, very popular here most gardens have at least a few in them, I have several , going from this to a light pink, purple and white ones. They are a must in garden around here

This is one of the many varieties of Narcissus that are available here, This one is Narcissus Kedron, really nice little guys.  Most are very hardy and long lived with their blooms. Well worth a purchase of at least a few in the fall, They look much better as a cluster. Ideally plant them amongst your shrubs.

This is a very beautiful White Daffodil, It is called Mount Hood. it is about the same size as the King Alfred. These are incredible.

these little guys are known as Tulipa Tarda, they are a wonder in the garden, very easy to keep, self seed and you need not do a thing for them. These are closing for the evening, I will post a pic later in open bloom.

this is a lovely mid range tulip, known as the Toronto, it is a very hardy tulip and it has naturalised in my garden very nicely. Well worth buying if you come across it

The Burbank Plum, this is a lovely tree, just loaded in flowers, here is the over all view of it. The first butterflies I see every year are on this, and usually it is the Red Admiral that comes a calling first.

This is the close up view of one of the flowering stocks. the smell is incredible and it just looks amazing. I usually cut a few Branches and bring them in and show them off in the Kitchen.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

 A few flowers that are in bloom on this Easter Sunday here in the Niagara Area in my garden. A rather nice day here 21 o C, full sun and a light breeze. Any way happy Easter all, and I hope you enjoy your day.

Friday, 14 April 2017

This is my Burbank Plum tree, It is a fantastic tree with the perfect Blooms in the spring, It should bloom with in a few days. The Plums are a large size with a reddish purple skin, ready usually in mid August.

Here are a series of pics from the back yard. To-day being Good Friday and actually a nice day. Warm, sunny. and a light breeze. Well worth a coffee in the garden this after-noon.

 Here is a pic of the Back yard to-day. Not much to see just yet but soon enough there will be.

Just a lovely reminder of Easter Week-end. Nothing more pretty than the yellows of these wonderful little plants.

 And here is the fish pond requiring a huge amount of work. That will be a day or more all by it self. The fish are all healthy and there are many new comers to the pond.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Just a look at my kitchen, this is one of those projects that has taken a couple of years to complete. The kitchen was gutted out and rebuilt. So here it 99% done, Rather proud and happy with my attempts with this. Starting to-marrow back to gardens and yard work. lovely stuff to do, this time of year it is all about removing 5 months of winter.

Friday, 7 April 2017

A few of my Cactus in the bay window in my Breakfast nook. I really enjoy the cactus, This pic was taken a couple of months ago when we had snow.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Starting to buy the bulbs for this summer season. Last year was a bit of bust do to the lack of rain.

So I have here some Gladiolus, I will be buying a couple hundred. This is only the beginning. Any way what I do is plant some every week until I run out of them, around 20 or so. This way I have Glads blooming over several weeks as well instead of just one show for a week or so. Also I do not need nearly as many supports for the long stems. Try it. It really is not a lot of work and the rewards are there

Just for fun a pic of my big Girl Asia enjoying a lovely warmish day on this the 5 of April, 2017

Monday, 3 April 2017

In bloom and looking awesome, The Crocuses are a lovely site in the spring after all that bland gray and white of Winter

Here is another one I thought that looked rather handsome.

The other reality is the spring clean up, that hard work that can be very rewarding after a few days of relentless chores. I have not started that part of the Spring Thing just yet but I am about to.

To-marrow I will post a few pics of the rest of the yard, and what needs to be done, none of it is pretty at the moment.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

A splash of colour in the gardens now. These little guys are closing up for the day all ready, We had rain for 3 days so I actually have not seen them in bloom yet. just at this stage after work. Looking forward to taking a pic with the Crocuses in full open bloom.

Going along the east side of the house, Tulips are well on their way and looking good, Also the Huffman's Bluebells are looking great. I transplanted a lot of it last fall.

Here again is a closer look at the Tulips, They should be in bloom in 4 weeks, all depends on the weather here actually, April can be cold and wet, or rather summer like, we never know

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Not promoting this company, It is as good as any though. I am posting this to say basically that it is spring here now and I am considering what to plant and where for this year. I spent thousands with out spending a dime so far.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

The beautiful Miss, Asia. She just turned nine last month, and she received her first hair cut of 2017. Maybe just a little early to get it done but she was a wreck. She needed a good cleaning up

This is the before look, taken a few hours before the top pic. She sure looks different with and with out the grooming. Personally I actually prefer her with hair on the longish side but it is so much work to keep it looking good

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Welcome to winter in the Niagara Area

 A snow day around here in the Niagara Region, it reached all the way to New York City, But this is my back yard here to-day, about 35 cm of snow fell, this is actually the first snow fall of any amount this year. So we did very well, Tulips are already about 12 to 15 cm high out of the ground under that snow


 This is where I enjoy my coffees in the morning and typing this at his very moment. It is very relaxing here and to look out and enjoy the birds doing their thing

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A few of the Duck decoy's I own. I thought it would be cool to share these.  

This is a Canvas Back Duck, it is also my favourite one

This one is a Blue Bill, I like the colouration  on the wings and sides

This is a combination of three Decoys,

Monday, 30 January 2017

My very first purchase for the year 2017 for the Garden. Not a big thing by any stretch but something to look forward to. Sunflowers do amazing here in my garden but, a big but, The squirrels like these plants as well when they are just coming out of the ground and will absolutely eat each one as they come up. So I have to become smarter than them and figure out a squirrel repulsive idea. 

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

To-day is January 24th 2017 and it is like most days as of late, a spring like day. So here are a couple of pics from the yard this morning.

 Tulips coming out of the ground. lots of them are now putting up above ground leaves. Also other spring like bulbs are doing the same, A bit early for this sort of thing. It should be okay. last year was the same and all went very well

These are Huffman's Blue Bells, they are a wonderful ground cover with lovely blue flowers in June, a very nice spreader but from the central core of the plant. That makes them so easy to clean up after the blooms are done in about three weeks