Monday, 1 May 2017

Just a series of pics taken to-day in the garden. Lots of blooms and leaves are starting to open up in the trees, and some summer type plants are starting to emerge. A very interesting time and a lovely time in the Niagara Peninsula


Bronze Cranes and spring flowers across the way from the fish pond. I have a bench and electrics there as well so I can make coffee, watch a movie on the TV and so on. Just a nice spot.

a mix of Tulips and Narcissus makes for a lovely combination of flowers

A garden sculpture, this is a left over from the days when the garden was a full fledged Victorian Garden, dating to the last decade of the 1800's. Sadly the garden became way to much work.

This the Toronto Tulip, a lovely pink variety that holds up extremely well to our climate here in the Niagara Peninsula. Of course Toronto really is not all that far away from here.

One of the Bronze Cranes across from the fish pond. The American Toads are now mating and laying eggs in the pond.

The Garbage and composed bin. in front of it I have Parsnips and tulips. I actually like mixing the two together. makes the vegetable garden appealing, and the flower garden useful.

The Fish Pond is all ready to go for the new year, Life is abundant, and thriving,

Pink Tulips in bloom rather nice actually no idea what the name of it is. I did once at some time!!!!!

Just a mix of flowers in a side garden. Allium is starting to grow.

Lots of snow, but actually Plum Petals. The flower period is sadly over for this tree for another year. I hope it produces lots of plums this year.

A planting of a mix of several varieties of Tulips, with different blooming times. So I hope the bloom season lasts for a while

Some more pink Tulips

The working side of the house. I rather like the whole of it. Within a few weeks I will be planting several summer plants

Bleeding Hearts, A personal favourite of mine

a close up of a few Tulips along the side of the house

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