Saturday, 13 May 2017

A special week-end and Mother's Day is to-marrow, So here are a couple of pics from the garden to-day. I hope every one enjoys the pics

This is the Triumph Tulip Gavota, It is just a fantastic tulip with great colour contrast.

This is the Lily Type White Triumph, another wonderful Tulip that has a beautiful shapely body to it

My big Girl Asia, enjoying the evening out side with me, we where watching the Robins doing all their hard food gathering, and the sparrows fighting over the feeder.

The dandelions are in bloom of course and this is my attempt to do right by the bees, I am leaving the flowers to bloom, but I remove the heads (Deadhead) them once the flower finishes. No seeds for me. I hope.

this is the very lovely, Double Late Angelique, it looks like Peonies in the blooms, they are just wonderful.

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