Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Woodland Violets growing around my lawns, I usually cut most of it down with the lawn mower, however I always leave some of it to grow, I actually like it a lot. This is a cross pollinated variety, It happened in my yard. I had the purple common ones that every one sees. A few years ago I seen a white one bloom in the yard, I suspect I got it from squirrels moving things around between yards. and then a couple of years back I started getting these. 

The Bleeding Heart is a beauty, and is one of my very favourites, I also have the white variety and is represented here as well. I hope you enjoy to-days entries. Have a great Tuesday all.

The White Bleeding Heart I find is not as hardy as the normal ones, still it survives well enough and it looks great. Well worth the bother.

a wonderful display of tulips, or at least I think it is. I had fun last fall by buying a bunch of tulips and placing them in the same bag, just a hand full of what ever they had at the same price. So when it came to planting it all I pulled the bulbs out of the bag very randomly. So this was the end result. this is only a part of it all, and their are tulips not in bloom yet. 150 tulips in all along this stretch of Garden

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