Friday, 12 May 2017

Just a few pictures of the back yard to-day from the last few days. Lots of green going on and the flowers are doing there thing. Also lots of rain meaning very healthy weeds as well. I have not bought a single plant yet for this summer but I will be very soon.

Bird Bath, ornaments, Trees, shrubs of various types threw out the back, I have been this year incorporating lights to it all.

 There is a lot of grass in the yard and some parts of it I do keep private, But this is a lovely space in the back

This is a small memorial garden, a lovely little spot to commemorate My grandparents, and my Mom. I rather enjoy sitting near here and contemplate life.

lots of seats and table space at the back of the yard, In the summer it actually feels like you are in the country and the town is far away. Very relaxing.

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