Saturday, 20 May 2017

This lovely beauty is called Flaming Beauty and that is what it is just one beautiful Tulip. This is one of the last types to bloom, there is still one more type to go, Over half of the tulips are now finished and most of the other spring plants are as well.

Angelique is the name of this, I have it a past post as well, It really has that Peony look to it.

This is a container of different things now out side for the year, two cactus types and Christmas Cactus, which is not a cactus at all.

My thee favourite plant I own. Of course this is a Jade Tree. 20 years old now, and was given to me by my Aunt. It has gone threw thick and thin with me.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A sundial, and tulips next to the fish pond. These tulips are Apricot Beauty, and Queen of the Night. Both stunning tulips in their own right. Lots of plants here and it is deliberately planted like this. I wanted to have a wild look.

A lovely white Lilac Bush, this was given to me by a lovely niece, who spent the summer at the house here and gave it as a gift.

The fish pond as of yesterday, it is doing well, lots of tadpoles and baby fish so far. The tadpoles are from the American Toad. Ugly guys but it does say the pond is very healthy.

This is from the front yard. That tree has a robin family in it so I am leaving this area alone for a time. But ready to go when they are finished with the area

Saturday, 13 May 2017

A special week-end and Mother's Day is to-marrow, So here are a couple of pics from the garden to-day. I hope every one enjoys the pics

This is the Triumph Tulip Gavota, It is just a fantastic tulip with great colour contrast.

This is the Lily Type White Triumph, another wonderful Tulip that has a beautiful shapely body to it

My big Girl Asia, enjoying the evening out side with me, we where watching the Robins doing all their hard food gathering, and the sparrows fighting over the feeder.

The dandelions are in bloom of course and this is my attempt to do right by the bees, I am leaving the flowers to bloom, but I remove the heads (Deadhead) them once the flower finishes. No seeds for me. I hope.

this is the very lovely, Double Late Angelique, it looks like Peonies in the blooms, they are just wonderful.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Just a few pictures of the back yard to-day from the last few days. Lots of green going on and the flowers are doing there thing. Also lots of rain meaning very healthy weeds as well. I have not bought a single plant yet for this summer but I will be very soon.

Bird Bath, ornaments, Trees, shrubs of various types threw out the back, I have been this year incorporating lights to it all.

 There is a lot of grass in the yard and some parts of it I do keep private, But this is a lovely space in the back

This is a small memorial garden, a lovely little spot to commemorate My grandparents, and my Mom. I rather enjoy sitting near here and contemplate life.

lots of seats and table space at the back of the yard, In the summer it actually feels like you are in the country and the town is far away. Very relaxing.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Woodland Violets growing around my lawns, I usually cut most of it down with the lawn mower, however I always leave some of it to grow, I actually like it a lot. This is a cross pollinated variety, It happened in my yard. I had the purple common ones that every one sees. A few years ago I seen a white one bloom in the yard, I suspect I got it from squirrels moving things around between yards. and then a couple of years back I started getting these. 

The Bleeding Heart is a beauty, and is one of my very favourites, I also have the white variety and is represented here as well. I hope you enjoy to-days entries. Have a great Tuesday all.

The White Bleeding Heart I find is not as hardy as the normal ones, still it survives well enough and it looks great. Well worth the bother.

a wonderful display of tulips, or at least I think it is. I had fun last fall by buying a bunch of tulips and placing them in the same bag, just a hand full of what ever they had at the same price. So when it came to planting it all I pulled the bulbs out of the bag very randomly. So this was the end result. this is only a part of it all, and their are tulips not in bloom yet. 150 tulips in all along this stretch of Garden

The Canada 150 Tulip, developed for the Nation's 150th birthday this year. It is a lovely tulip well worth having in the garden. I hope to get more this year. these are a white tulip with a flame of Red and based with some yellow at the bottom

Saturday, 6 May 2017

This is what to do if you want to keep Tulips over the summer that where bought in a pot.

Clean up the bulbs cut off the stem about 2 cm above the bulbs, Clean the bulbs well, but do not remove the papery skins must leave that on., and trim the roots up but do not cut right off, just a trim. Let them dry completely and they must be dry , give them a couple days to do so. Now place in a paper bag, not plastic with Moss, You can buy the moss at any dollar store. Now you are done, Place this package in a cool dry place till the end of Sept. up to the end on November and plant. if you have a fungicide sprinkle some in the bag.

Vander Mark Tulips, these are some of the nicest of tulips, these came from the back yard.

Tulips along side the house

Pink Tulips, just because!!!!

Mixed bag of tulips along the house, just a close up of a few of them.

 a Garden feature just to keep things interesting

Ille du France Tulips one of my very Favourite ones

Another Garden feature, with tulips and other spring Flowers

Monday, 1 May 2017

Just a series of pics taken to-day in the garden. Lots of blooms and leaves are starting to open up in the trees, and some summer type plants are starting to emerge. A very interesting time and a lovely time in the Niagara Peninsula


Bronze Cranes and spring flowers across the way from the fish pond. I have a bench and electrics there as well so I can make coffee, watch a movie on the TV and so on. Just a nice spot.

a mix of Tulips and Narcissus makes for a lovely combination of flowers

A garden sculpture, this is a left over from the days when the garden was a full fledged Victorian Garden, dating to the last decade of the 1800's. Sadly the garden became way to much work.

This the Toronto Tulip, a lovely pink variety that holds up extremely well to our climate here in the Niagara Peninsula. Of course Toronto really is not all that far away from here.

One of the Bronze Cranes across from the fish pond. The American Toads are now mating and laying eggs in the pond.

The Garbage and composed bin. in front of it I have Parsnips and tulips. I actually like mixing the two together. makes the vegetable garden appealing, and the flower garden useful.

The Fish Pond is all ready to go for the new year, Life is abundant, and thriving,

Pink Tulips in bloom rather nice actually no idea what the name of it is. I did once at some time!!!!!

Just a mix of flowers in a side garden. Allium is starting to grow.

Lots of snow, but actually Plum Petals. The flower period is sadly over for this tree for another year. I hope it produces lots of plums this year.

A planting of a mix of several varieties of Tulips, with different blooming times. So I hope the bloom season lasts for a while

Some more pink Tulips

The working side of the house. I rather like the whole of it. Within a few weeks I will be planting several summer plants

Bleeding Hearts, A personal favourite of mine

a close up of a few Tulips along the side of the house

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Just a couple of pics to-day to compliment the ones from yesterday evening

The Canadian Flag on the flag pole in front of the house

Narcissus Kedron, a wonderful plant in the spring, I posted these yesterday as well, but this was taken during the day.

 The Toronto Tulip opened up for the day, I actually like them more when they are some what closed for the evening

Tulipa Tarda, these are great little guys, they get to be about 10 cm high and do so well in the garden

The fish pond, almost ready for the season, still lots to do though. The fish are doing well.