Thursday, April 5, 2012

Toronto, a few of the down-town towers

 The big red boy here is Scotia Tower, To the roof top it is the second tallest building in Canada, it is close to 300 meters in height.

 This is a view of Toronto from the square in front of the City Hall. The tall white tower is First Canadian Place and is 350 meters in height. When constructed in the mid 1970's it was the tallest building in the world outside of  New York, and Chicago. To the far left is the old City Hall, now a court house.

 The centre Building in this pic is the almost completed Trump Tower. It is the second tallest building in Toronto when including the antenna. Trump sure counts it in !!!!

 These two towers are the Royal Bank of Canada, and the BCE Place Tower. Both buildings were built in the late 1980's. The RBC building is the worlds largest Gold infused glass building in the world.. It was done to save money on heating and cooling of the building. The gold long ago paid for it self.

 the Sky line from City Hall again.Here is a good view of the old City Hall to the left, and the city core in the centre.

 This is Trump Tower Toronto, Canada's second tallest building. It just opened it's doors last month

Lastly First Canadian Place, This building had the distinction of not only being the tallest building out side the USA, but also had more Marble on it then any other building in the world till last year. Canadian winters are not good for marble. The siding was breaking down and parts of it feel off a few times. Worse this beautiful building started to look like a patch work of old and dirty marble and new clean replacements. Hence the building received a new surface made of glass and is almost completed.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Cherry Tree beside my House

 This tree is just incredible, The flowers are a soft pink. It frames up the front side of the house beautifully. There is a Forsythia as well just behind it in this picture in full bloom as well.

another pic, but the flowers on the Cherry is showing up better. This Cherry Tree is grafted to give it the water fall effect.

My Plum Tree blooming three weeks early

 The Plum Tree is at the back door of the house, right now what a treat to see it when leaving the house

 It is a  Burbank Plum in flower, It is just beautiful, The fruit ripens in mid August and well worth the wait.

A close up of one cluster of flowers

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Very early Easter Blooms

Cherry Blossoms



Forsythia and white Violets

Grape Hyacinth


Cherry Blooms and Forsythia at my home



King Alfred Daffodils


Woodland Violets

These are all pictures from March 24th 2012, We had been threw a week of mid 20s o C temps. It was incredible, The one day reached 29 o C. So what did this mean for us... well, a very early bloom season for our spring flowers, probably the earliest ever. So as Easter approaches we will have beautiful spring flowers, for this our most Holy day. However it can be the disaster for our fruit tree crops. many are in bloom including mine, but it is too early and frost just may damage them.

a March moment at my home

It has been a year since I last posted any thing but I am back. I am looking forward to doing it again and to get back at it. Truth is I got caught up in face book games and in general just busy with many projects at the same time.Also I have been at work so much more than I was a year ago. So now here we go and I hope you all enjoy the future posts to come

This pic was taken on March 24 2012 here in the Niagara Region of Canada. This is very rare here about three weeks early for us to see a Forsythia in bloom.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ruby Tuesday a Toronto Moment

The City of Toronto, Ontario Canada. To-day this city of 6 million is the premier city of Canada and the 5th largest city in North America. It is surpassed by Mexico City,  New York City,  Los Angels, and Chicago. The city was formally the Town/City of York, Upper Canada , Then the Capital of Upper Canada as Toronto and when Confederation became a reality it became Toronto, Ontario in 1867.

Toronto to-day has the distinction of being the most diversely populated city in the world. It is said to be 54% minority groups. The largest group is white English, Anglican. Second is the south east Asian groups. Surprisingly for such a large a diverse city the murder rate is very low (1.2 murders a week) as well as other crimes, are low for this kind of city..

Toronto has one of the highest standards of living in the world and it is a very expensive place. But well in line with other cities her size.

For a fairly long time Toronto had the highest skyline in the world out side of the USA. The CN Tower was only surpassed a year ago, by the Bourj Dubai.

Toronto has many famous pro sports teams, but sadly for them all they are not known as winners!!!! I am a Montreal fan so hehe on Toronto!!!! The city Motto should be "Next Year"

Any way I thought I would send this along as a This is what it looks like near where I live in Canada. Toronto is actually about 100 KM due north from were I live. That said you have to drive around Lake Ontario to get there from here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Quote from Christ

“Look at the birds of the air; your heavenly father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Matthew 6:26 

How hard is it for us in our time to remember that we are more valuable than the birds or actually any other living thing. We find our selves low, probably unwanted, unloved, and forgotten, by the vary society we created.
Family, friends, the work place, and even our gatherings to worship the Lord, can make you feel hungry, needing or wanting.
God does feed the Birds of the air, he also takes care of them. God wants to do the same for us. Let him guide you first and for most and all else will follow.
It is so important to know that we as a family come first with the Lord, That alone makes us the most valuable of all.

This wonderful House Sparrow was so busy the other day creating a nest in a bird house that I provided. All day long just going at it. His Mrs. was busy inspecting all his work. I wish at times that I had more time to watch Gods work in Nature. It is always fascinating.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A bit of life in the garden

My first crocus of the year. I was rather excited to see this guy to-day. The snow is now melting away again and fast. So there should be much more soon enough.

My little girl Asia enjoying what is left of the snow. She needs to go to the Beauty Parlor and soon !!!!!

Daffodils and other things taking a run for the sun. The days are getting longer and warmer now. So nice to see winter now behind us.

My forsythia bush is in a neat spot. Most of it is in the open, but a small part is in a sunny protect spot, and this is the result. A bloom out two weeks before the rest of the plant. Now I know spring is well on the way.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Violas in the snow

I decided to shovel out one of the violas from under the snow so I can show the poor thing in all it's frozen sadness!!!!!
It sure is not as beautiful as it was on Tuesday

No matter what, Spring is well on the way so this mishap will soon be gone. For you Canadians that live any were but southern BC. I had already cut my lawn!!!!!!!!

March storm, in the Niagara Region

The snow was all gone and the temps were wonderful for a few weeks and then this. It started Tuesday night and this is Wednesday morning. These pics were taken in my back yard.

Under the snow there are Violas in bloom. I hope to see them again soon!!!!!