Saturday, 25 March 2017

Not promoting this company, It is as good as any though. I am posting this to say basically that it is spring here now and I  considering what to plant and where for this year. I spent thousands with out spending a dime so far.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

The beautiful Miss, Asia. She just turned nine last month, and she received he first hair cut of 2017. Maybe just a little early to get it done but she was a wreck. She needed a good cleaning up

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Welcome to winter in the Niagara Area

 A snow day around here in the Niagara Region, it reached all the way to New York City, But this is my back yard here to-day, about 35 cm of snow fell, this is actually the first snow fall of any amount this year. So we did very well, Tulips are already about 12 to 15 cm high out of the ground under that snow


 This is where I enjoy my coffees in the morning and typing this at his very moment. It is very relaxing here and to look out and enjoy the birds doing their thing

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A few of the Duck decoy's I own. I thought it would be cool to share these.  

This is a Canvas Back Duck, it is also my favourite one

This one is a Blue Bill, I like the colouration  on the wings and sides

This is a combination of three Decoys,

Monday, 30 January 2017

My very first purchase for the year 2017 for the Garden. Not a big thing by any stretch but something to look forward to. Sunflowers do amazing here in my garden but, a big but, The squirrels like these plants as well when they are just coming out of the ground and will absolutely eat each one as they come up. So I have to become smarter than them and figure out a squirrel repulsive idea. 

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

To-day is January 24th 2017 and it is like most days as of late, a spring like day. So here are a couple of pics from the yard this morning.

 Tulips coming out of the ground. lots of them are now putting up above ground leaves. Also other spring like bulbs are doing the same, A bit early for this sort of thing. It should be okay. last year was the same and all went very well

These are Huffman's Blue Bells, they are a wonderful ground cover with lovely blue flowers in June, a very nice spreader but from the central core of the plant. That makes them so easy to clean up after the blooms are done in about three weeks

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A few of the House Plants I have here at the house. Mostly cactus but not all. Hope you all enjoy them

A Grocery Store Orchid, bought it for Christmas, I hope it lasts for some time. I really like it

An assortment of cacti, Various types here all fairly young except for the barrel cactus which is 20 years old.

This is Pair Cactus, and it stands at two meters, a wonderful plant and it blooms every August, It spends it's time out doors from the end of March to first part of November. Very easy to trim, all you do is break of the unwanted pods.

A fantastic spider plant it is about 10 years old now. every so often I give a cut and a clean up, I do not want it to get too big.

The Jade Tree, I love this thing, I was given this as a two leaf baby about 20 years ago. Now it is fairly large and it actually bloomed last year for the first time

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A few interior pics of the House, she has gone threw some big renovations as of late, and I thought I would show some of the rooms. This old girl is 119 years old this year so she has seen some very good times as well as some bad.

 Here are two of the guest Bed-rooms. They are rarely used, but they do from time to time when company show up.

 The Kitchen, Since I live alone it rarely gets the use that it can accommodate, but I am okay with that. This way I do not have to clean it often.

 the dinning-room, I use this room a fair bit as I do have my Computer in here. I do not like the dining set, but it is okay for now.

 the living-room, rarely use it but nice for when I have company.

 The Breakfast-nook, I use this room the most often. I love it and I have great views of my gardens from here

and Asia just because, this is her home, I am just the maid service !!!

Friday, 13 January 2017

Bronze fountain features. I so enjoy these, this pic was taken this summer at the pond. they stand at 2 meters in height.
September last year was a lovely month. I was fortunate to get a lot of hummingbirds to the feeders. Here is one of them. This Lady was a regular. Funny how you get to know individual birds after a while.