Monday, 15 November 2010

Ruby Tuesday Nov 15 2010 A Rememberance Day post

This Vet looks a little worse for wear, but he served. I guess the question becomes did we do right by him.  Here he is Saluting "O Canada" as it was being sung by the participants at the ceremony.

If you look at nothing else from this post please look at this. CANADA is there and we are doing our part. I do know what Fox News and the Republican Party of the USA say ,but Canada is fighting and dying.
our National Anthem

During the President Bush Era it was stated many times Canada was never there in times of WAR. However we sure were and always before his Country. We morn the loss of so many over the years as a Nation. Also all those of every nation that served, and the loss of the innocent of every Nation, that including our enemies of that time..

Here is the Colour Party marching to the Cenotaph . Our Flag is marching proud of her accomplishments. My Dad is in the picture.

. Our Air Cadets from our small town joined in as well

Many people including myself had our National Flag showing for this solemn day.

I love this picture. This young man looks so honest in the moment. For Ruby Tuesday the only red here is the poppy.

Our Monument is one of the smallest in the Nation. I think it fitting however. No mater how Large or Grand it can never equal the loss of even one man or woman that stood for our freedom, nor the freedom of the enemy of ours at that time. People are always the victim of their Governments.

and finally my Father and his wonderful and lovely new wife of one year, in my home on Remembrance Day. My Father suffered life threatening injuries in Israel in Peace keeping. Now in two weeks my son goes to Afghanistan to continue in the fight for freedom of others. I always have the Flag of our Nation on show in my home, because thousands of our fellow Canadians died for me to have the right to do so. I was lucky in so many ways I served our Nation for 25 years (Navy) and never suffered like so many have.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Ruby Tuesday October 31 2010, Halloween / Ruby Tuesday octobre 31 2010, Halloween

Halloween was this Sunday and I dedicate this one to that event
Halloween a été ce dimanche et je dédie ce une à cet événement

Here is my Jack O lantern all ready for the big night. However as I was putting him on the fag I dropped it.
Voici mon Jack O Lantern tous prêts pour le grand soir. Cependant, comme je le mettait sur la clope je l'ai abandonné.

  so now he had an ugly eye and a crack all the way to his nose
Alors maintenant, il avait un œil laid et une fissure tout le chemin de son nez

Here is the house ready to go for the big event. Not to fancy but it was fun all the same. "Monster Mash" was played on the speakers continuously!!!!!
Voici la maison prêt à partir pour le grand événement. Non à la fantaisie, mais c'était amusant tout de même. "Monster Mash" a été joué sur les haut-parleurs en continu !!!!!

  A cousin of mine getting her picture taken. She loved the poor pumpkin and his tragedy. She was here from Hamilton, Ontario 
Un de mes cousins se faire prendre en photo. Elle aimait la citrouille pauvres et sa tragédie. Elle était ici de Hamilton, Ontario

Finally a couple of great kids ( neighbours of mine) came for the treats I had to offer. I did splurge this year and had all the good stuff!!!!!!
Enfin, un couple d'enfants formidables (mes voisins) est venu pour les friandises que j'avais à offrir. Je n'ai folies cette année et avait toutes les bonnes choses !!!!!!

Here is a little story about Monster Mash, I Married in mid October 1975 and Monster Mash was a big hit at that time. So for fun and totally unexpected to everyone including my new wife, I had Monster Mash played as our first dance. She was in shock. I loved it , and it was the dance of the night. Everyone joined in and we had to play it several times that night.
Years later like last year, my Dad remarried for the second time on Halloween. Guess what, the big song of the night was Monster Mash. It was for his new marriage the hit of the night, and it had to be played several times.