Monday, 15 November 2010

Ruby Tuesday Nov 15 2010 A Rememberance Day post

This Vet looks a little worse for wear, but he served. I guess the question becomes did we do right by him.  Here he is Saluting "O Canada" as it was being sung by the participants at the ceremony.

If you look at nothing else from this post please look at this. CANADA is there and we are doing our part. I do know what Fox News and the Republican Party of the USA say ,but Canada is fighting and dying.
our National Anthem

During the President Bush Era it was stated many times Canada was never there in times of WAR. However we sure were and always before his Country. We morn the loss of so many over the years as a Nation. Also all those of every nation that served, and the loss of the innocent of every Nation, that including our enemies of that time..

Here is the Colour Party marching to the Cenotaph . Our Flag is marching proud of her accomplishments. My Dad is in the picture.

. Our Air Cadets from our small town joined in as well

Many people including myself had our National Flag showing for this solemn day.

I love this picture. This young man looks so honest in the moment. For Ruby Tuesday the only red here is the poppy.

Our Monument is one of the smallest in the Nation. I think it fitting however. No mater how Large or Grand it can never equal the loss of even one man or woman that stood for our freedom, nor the freedom of the enemy of ours at that time. People are always the victim of their Governments.

and finally my Father and his wonderful and lovely new wife of one year, in my home on Remembrance Day. My Father suffered life threatening injuries in Israel in Peace keeping. Now in two weeks my son goes to Afghanistan to continue in the fight for freedom of others. I always have the Flag of our Nation on show in my home, because thousands of our fellow Canadians died for me to have the right to do so. I was lucky in so many ways I served our Nation for 25 years (Navy) and never suffered like so many have.


  1. Wonderful shots for Ruby.

    My RUBY link.

  2. Thank you for the reminder of honoring those who have served so we can live in freedom.

  3. Nice Ruby reds -- and you can't believe much of what FIX news says.

  4. Honoring all those who gave so much so we can live in freedom.

    A lovely, reflective post,


  5. A salute to all those who served and continue serving the country.

    My Ruby Tuesday

  6. Thank you for your salute to all those who served to keep us safe. My son comes home on Wednesday from a six month tour.

  7. I ask that question as well. Especially on our end here, with these two massive wars. Unfortunately, I have to answer that no, we haven't done very well by a lot of our vets.

    That's great that your dad and his new bride found each other. Made me smile

    My Ruby Post

  8. Veterans are veterans, regardless of the time or place of their service. They have defended their country and fought for freedom around this world. We can never thank them enough. have a wonderful Ruby Tuesday.

  9. That's a great way to honor the heroes.

    Maria @ LSS

  10. Beautiful post and I agree we must always remember all who have served and sacrificed.

    Thanks for visiting me for Ruby Tuesday.

  11. A lovely post Reg. Thanks to your Dad for his peace keeping efforts.

  12. The television stations you mentioned are biased and present things in their own slant. My husband and I do not watch those but a moment and turn them off in disgust. We listen to Rachel Maddox and Keith Olberman. Hopefully I have spelled their names correctly. Thanks so much for a lovely post. I was in the military also, but it was before women were allowed to fight. Take care & God bless. He sees the faith and courage displayed.

  13. What a great post for RT! Lovely photos.

  14. Nice RT post. Thank you for visiting my blog. I have poppies blooming in my garden for Rememberance day.

  15. Reg, this is a very special post. I salute you and all the men and women in Canada and around the world who choose or are made (past and present) to fight for the freedom that is so easy to take for granted. It must be painful for you to hear others diminish the effort (and I agree with others: FOX does not have much good to say). Greetings to you from a fellow Canadian.

  16. Hi Reg,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.
    Your post is great and thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful day.

  17. Everyone has said what I also think - very poignant post. Thank you.

  18. I am over whelmed by so many beautiful comments. Thank-you all.
    I mentioned Fox because I do know some Canadian Churches have actually used Fox News to promote an Ideal that was not true. Now that hurts!!!!!

  19. Very nice shots and a great tribute to all those who defend their country!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a nice week****

  20. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing!

  21. " People are always the victim of their Governments."

    So very true.

    I didn't know your father was here as a peacekeeper. Please give him my thanks.

  22. Good question, Reg - "Did we do right by him?" So much lacking. As a daughter and wife of veterans, I know very well. It was 30 plus years before someone even said "welcome home" to my husband. Thank God that has changed now and our personnel are being honored and loved by their countrymen.

  23. Wonderful photos with touches of red!

    I love the first one, especially.


  24. dear sonny..bernie and i had such a lovely evening last night visiting mom golden..she wanted to see your blog and did she EVER enjoy your "quotes of christ" posts. we read each one of them out loud and she was so impressed and happy and cheered all at once by them.
    bernie asked me how you learned all of this and i told him, "probably from reading your bible and also learning a lot from keeping a garden."
    so very nice sonny...all ten of them!

    sonny, i think that the soldiers deserve a whole lot more respect and love than they get.
    last week there was an older lady selling poppies at pupo's grocery store.
    when i finished shopping for what i wanted, i suddenly had the idea that i would buy a bouquet of flowers. they have some lovely ones there at that store...when i left i said to that lady a big thanks and i handed her the flowers saying, "maybe someone here will put them into water for you."
    i think that she was surprised sonny and i know that i was terry

  25. This is such a beautiful post and thank you for sharing. Congratulations to your dad and his bride -- a lovely new beginning.

    I hope you don't judge your neighbor to the South by what Fox News says. There are a few of us down here with enough brains not to believe the kind of (self-censored) that they put out. (Unfortunately, apparently right now not enough of us, which depresses me greatly.)

    Thank you for your lovely post.

  26. and P.S. Your header photo is mesmerizing! I love it.

  27. an excellent work on your blog, your photos are gorgeous and your texts are interesting ! I liked and I'm follower with pleasure ! :)

    Bye Mahon