Monday, 1 November 2010

Ruby Tuesday October 31 2010, Halloween / Ruby Tuesday octobre 31 2010, Halloween

Halloween was this Sunday and I dedicate this one to that event
Halloween a été ce dimanche et je dédie ce une à cet événement

Here is my Jack O lantern all ready for the big night. However as I was putting him on the fag I dropped it.
Voici mon Jack O Lantern tous prêts pour le grand soir. Cependant, comme je le mettait sur la clope je l'ai abandonné.

  so now he had an ugly eye and a crack all the way to his nose
Alors maintenant, il avait un œil laid et une fissure tout le chemin de son nez

Here is the house ready to go for the big event. Not to fancy but it was fun all the same. "Monster Mash" was played on the speakers continuously!!!!!
Voici la maison prêt à partir pour le grand événement. Non à la fantaisie, mais c'était amusant tout de même. "Monster Mash" a été joué sur les haut-parleurs en continu !!!!!

  A cousin of mine getting her picture taken. She loved the poor pumpkin and his tragedy. She was here from Hamilton, Ontario 
Un de mes cousins se faire prendre en photo. Elle aimait la citrouille pauvres et sa tragédie. Elle était ici de Hamilton, Ontario

Finally a couple of great kids ( neighbours of mine) came for the treats I had to offer. I did splurge this year and had all the good stuff!!!!!!
Enfin, un couple d'enfants formidables (mes voisins) est venu pour les friandises que j'avais à offrir. Je n'ai folies cette année et avait toutes les bonnes choses !!!!!!

Here is a little story about Monster Mash, I Married in mid October 1975 and Monster Mash was a big hit at that time. So for fun and totally unexpected to everyone including my new wife, I had Monster Mash played as our first dance. She was in shock. I loved it , and it was the dance of the night. Everyone joined in and we had to play it several times that night.
Years later like last year, my Dad remarried for the second time on Halloween. Guess what, the big song of the night was Monster Mash. It was for his new marriage the hit of the night, and it had to be played several times. 


  1. Love that pumpkin & all those happy faces!

    Happy Ruby Tuesday,

    Lola & Nora:)

    btw Here’s my quick RT link!

  2. I love the Monster Mash! Your pumpkin is a cutie, lumps and all.

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  3. Oh, you poor jack-0'-lantern! I'm glad he was still loved in spite of his crack! Looks like you had a wonderful Halloween.

  4. This poor Jack O lantern is now all cooked up and waiting to be made into some great baking. That is the best part of Halloween for me....

  5. dear sonny..these people pictures are so precious!
    do you remember how fun it was in our beloved manitoba when there was so many houses to collect from on the air base..that is one time that i went out on my own...didn't want to be slowed down by little kids and that was the time when it was safe enough for little kids like you and sandra and grace and gail to go out on THEIR own too without their moms and dads or babysitters because in those days there were no nutty people to harm you!
    as for the is great too.
    i am so glad that your never wasted it.
    it makes me so upset that on the next day from halloween, there are so many that people have smashed up on the lawn and on the street instead of using then to bake a nice punkin pie or punkin cake!
    sonny, bernie is still scanning pictures and guess what we found?
    well apparently the last time that i saw you wasn't too long ago because in one of mom golden's books is an invitation to your mom and dad's 50th anniversary...august 25 2005..
    what a lovely family you have and i will never forget the beautiful garden that you created.
    i never did see the magazine where they interviewed you and made an article in their magazine.
    do you still have a copy?
    happy ruby tuesday from your old babysitter!....terry

  6. I have a copy but at this point in time I have no idea were it is at all. I have not seen it in years,
    I truly remember going out for Halloween on my own. Better I tried to get to every house. I do not think I actually ever did though....
    What i remember most was the cold and snow that we had to trudge threw to get to each house. Of course that meaning the short cut threw peoples lawns. No body did that last night. Every one used the side walks. I thought about that when I had noticed.
    I did get about 100 kids. I closed up the store !!! at 8 PM as after that it was the big kids.
    Yes I think the last time I seen you was in 2005 at the house here. I remember that so well. I also remember I did not get a chance to yap much either. Sorry about that. So many people wanted a piece of me at every turn.

  7. Enjoyed the Monster Mash!

  8. A lovely story connecting Halloween and two weddings. Makes a very special memory. Grinning pumpkins are always fun.

  9. Ha your Jack lantern looks great even better after its fall :) Great story about the monster mash song Reg.

  10. Now you have made me watch/lissen to the Monster Mash song on YouTube :)
    Never heard that before , don´t think it has been a hit in Sweden :)
    Cute story and Jack lantern !!!