Sunday, 12 December 2010

another Ruby Tuesday Christmas Style

My Dunnville home decked out for Christmas. Not to fancy this year!!!! That is our first snow fall and it is already gone. Rain day to-day

The Gospel According to Matthew tells the story of the birth of Christ, also in Luke. It is a sad and inspirational story that every one should read. It tells the non commercial story of the birth of Christ. The first part shown here tells the story of the ancestors of Christ from Abraham to David, then to Jesus

A rather large floral display. This is a Mexican Tradition incorporating Poinsettia's and gold to represent Christmas. To-day it is embraced threw out the New World.

I could have had a large 2.5 meter Christmas tree in my house but this little 1 meter tree is so special to me. I bought it for my Grandmother for what became her last Christmas. She hated it. However after I left the Seniors Home (Grandview Lodge) the nursing staff told me that she did not take her eyes of it and she loved it. Ever since that time it has become the primary focus point of my home at Christmas.

My Nativity Set. It is set up in my Dinning-room. I had this since I was ten years old in CFB Rivers, Manitoba. I was brought up on Military Bases. I have added the trees in the last couple of years. People at times are not aware of the fact that this display is actually a grouping that represents a 2 year period. I always put the Jesus figure out on Christmas Eve after Midnight Mass. This is just my thing not a tradition that I might not be aware of. The Manger it self is long gone so now I set it up differently each year with out it.

Canada means in direct translation "the Village" or also the"Meeting Place". Both translations are correct. So from my Village (Canada) here displayed to all of you "Merry Christmas". Above the Christmas Village is a picture of my Grandparents that once owned this lovely old Victorian home. Also to which this Blog is dedicated to.


  1. dear sonny..i saw your name over at teach mary's and i rushed here right away to read your ruby post and it has brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart..what a beautiful explanation you have given to the meaning of christmas and what lovely decorations you have inside your kind of reminds me of the song, "i'd rather be in the inside looking out than to be upon the outside looking in"
    your memories of your dear gramma and her special christmas tree are inside with you and your decorations from our beloved rivers manitoba are there with you and your bible is in there with amazing that you still have the manger scene after all of these years! looks nice the way you have it...don't worry about the cradle missing sonny is empty anyways and the cross is empty too...our beloved jesus who came to earth to die for us is in heaven!...waiting for all of his children who have believed on him!
    have a great christmas sonny sikora...but i will be talking to you before that i terry

  2. O terry, Thank-you so much. Your words are so heart felt to me. I have even better news than any of this. My Daughter that I have not seen in ten years will be visiting this Christmas. How much more special can that be

  3. What spectacular, festive images, Reg! Happy holidays!

    XOXO Lola:)

  4. Lovely tribute to your grandparents!

    Love the story about the little tree your grandmother hated. Hehehe! Older people can sometimes be so crusty...and lovable at the same time. :)

  5. I bet your late Grandma told everyone her grandson gave her the tree. Trees like this have great meeting to you. Treasure it and the memories of her.

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    Happy Tuesdays & Happy Holidays!
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    :) Thank you.

  7. Thanks for commenting on my entry. Your dining room is so lovely and I enjoyed the story about the tree.
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

  8. Great christmas memories Reg. I love the story about your grandmother.

  9. that's a lovely Christmas tree with such a lovely story. Merry Christmas to all