Saturday, 18 December 2010

A few out door pics to-day

This is the Princess Blue Holy, It is rather beautiful and one of only a very few that will live here. It is a shrub type. They sure do not get big like the types that I have seen on Vancouver Island

Believe it or not my fish pond is under all that ice. There is a pump going keeping a hole on the surface. That is so critical to keeping fish in a pond in the winter.What generally happens is that an ice dome is formed on the surface, which is also a good thing if the pump should ever stop working.

My back yard settee. Not a nice place to enjoy company this day!!!!  I had forgotten to bring in my Spikes for the winter so they are now boomed.

This is my Hoto Colorado Blue Spruce. I had many jokes from people that they were going to cut it and use it for their Tree this year. This tree is an absolute beauty. I planted it as a near dead sapling 10 years ago. It took three years to recover and to-day she is magnificent.

This is my little girl Asia, She will tell you she is really a Doberman in a Shih-Tzu costume. She loves the cold and snow, and I hate it so the poor thing does not get the out doors as she would like to.

A decoration at the side entry of my house, leading to the kitchen area. I went with a Gold and Silver theme this year.

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  1. dear really moves my heart the way that you saved that surely have a green thumb that's for sure and a care for god's creations.
    i don't like snow either..that doggie is one cool dude!...why not buy that doggie a pair of skates for christmas...for sure and hasn't she been a good little doggie all year?
    ha! terry