Wednesday, 22 December 2010

A Quote from Christ for Christmas

“Yes I am with you always, until the very end of time”

The Son of God, He who takes the sins of the world....onto himself was born probably 2,014 or 2016 years ago in the Holy Land. Most scholars to-day think it was probably 4 BC or 6 BC. I think 6 BC because of the censers of Rome.

 Christmas to-day is celebrated by about one third of the world's population.That is more than two Billion people, an incredible number. The Monetary value of Christmas is nearly 4 Trillion a year. Believe it or not it is only seconded by Military spending world wide annually. Sadly the effect of all this money is not what you would think it is. All that good will, happiness, and feasting is so short lived that it ends literally at midnight on the 25th. Why, I will leave that to the reader.

This is a page from an 1881 Bible I own. It is an Old King James. This is the end of Chapter One, Matthew. This confirms the Virgin Birth as seen v 25. also it shows that Joseph has a huge responsibility to take on a pregnant wife which is not of his doing. That was huge in that day and time.

I used this pic in a previous post, any way it represents a huge amount of time. At least 1,000 years and more. Firstly the Old Testament up to the birth leading it threw with the Profits.

                                  the wailing wall
Then the year or so before the Birth and the two years after. That being visited by Angels, shepherds and wise men. The Anger of King Harold, and the killing of all male children two and younger.
                                    the pyramids
Even more so the flight to Egypt, which was treacherous. The Christmas story is so much more than just the birth of the Jesus. In many way it is a very tragic story as well as one of hope and praise.

 The entrance to modern day Bethlehem,  I think it speaks volumes about to-days concernings with politics, religion, and faith.
These huge concrete walls thread threw this historic town like great dividers to which they are.


  1. dear sonny...every time i read another of your quotes of christ posts, i think to myself that this is the best one yet!
    aw..really they have ALL been good.
    i have learned a few things here that i didn't even know. like those statistics of chrstmas that you have! so much making of money and so much commotion. eh?
    when i look at the picture of the pyramids which were built by the jewish people when they were slaves in eygpt, it really amazes me.
    what a hard life they had under that cruel king!
    to this day i don't think they know how the hebrew people even MADE those...i don't think they can even make the pyramids now but i am not sure.

    what a treasure you have there sonny..that bible!

    you are so right sonny...the lord is with us to the end of the world and then we are the ones who are so blessed to be with him forever when we step into heaven...if we have accepted him on earth...believe that his death on the cross saves us and washes away all of our sins..
    god bless you terry

  2. Beautiful post, and very thoughtful..Wishing you a wonderful holiday with loved ones!