Monday, 3 January 2011

Ruby Tuesday for Jan. 3rd 2011/ Ruby Tuesday pour le 3 janvier 2011

My Daughter and her boy friend came for a visit during Christmas, and here are a few pics. Also here is my other little girl Asia the Shih-Tzu
Ma fille et son petit ami est venu pour une visite à Noël, et voici quelques photos. Également dans ce pic est mon autre petite fille en Asia du Shih-Tzu.

She was here for her birthday and traveled here from Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Elle était là pour son anniversaire et est venu ici de Halifax, Nouvelle-Écosse.

Of course we had dinner as well. It was really good and my daughter helped me with it ~!!!!!
Bien sûr, nous avons dîné ainsi. Il était vraiment bon et ma fille m'a aidé avec elle ~!!!!!

Her better half serves our Great Nation in the Navy, out of Halifax. He is on the HMCS Athabaskan.
Sa meilleure moitié sert notre Grande Nation dans la Marine, à partir de Halifax. Il est sur le HMCS Athabaskan.

This is the Badge for the HMCS Athabaskan. I served on her myself in 1981 and threw to 1982
Ce Badge pour le HMCS Athabaskan. J'ai servi sur moi-même en 1981 et lancé à 1982

Finally the beautiful HMCS Athabaskan.
Enfin, le HMCS Athabaskan belle.

This is video of the ship done for the British Pres a few years ago. When HMCS Athabaskan was there.
C'est la vidéo du navire fait pour la British-Prés il ya quelques années. Lorsque le HMCS Athabaskan était là.


  1. Your daughter is lovely, I'm sure it was a treat to be able to celebrate her birthday together and how cool that you and her boyfriend both served on the same ship.

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  2. OH! How wonderful that your daughter travelled so FAR to be with you on her birthday! What a sweet girl she is!

  3. i was just waiting to see this picture sonny.
    she is a real beauty!
    she looks just like her gramma!..when we lived in our beloved manitoba, that is how i rememeber your mom.
    sonny did you set a place for your doggie at the christmas birthday table?
    it looks so beautiful!!!
    sonny sikora, your whole family has served this country your son still over seas?...i pray that he is doing good! terry

  4. Terry, yes he is. he will be in Afghanistan till July. It is rather amazing how many of my family has served this country. Before the family moved to Canada they served in the Austro-Hungarian Military. I guess it is in the blood!!!!!

  5. yes, it surely is sonny!
    praying for your son that god will keep him safe! terry

  6. You have a beautiful daughter. It's a good thing that you can celebrate together. Like Terry says, she must love you much, to travel this far.
    I also admire the tastefully set table (in Canada's colors, red and white).

    Hope the forth guest also had a good time.
    HMCS Athabaskan is a proud Lady.
    How special is that, both you and your daughter's friend have served at the same ship.

  7. Your daughter is beautiful. How lovely that she and her boyfriend came to visit with you during Christmas. It is wonderful that both you and her boyfriend served on the same ship!

  8. Sorry bout that test comment. You can delete it. I had trouble leaving a comment in the usual way. Not sure why, but google doesn't allow me to leave comments on some blogs. A few people say it's because of the "embedded below the post" comments format. Who knows. In any event, I'm glad I found a way around it this time.

    The highlight of my holidays was a visit from my younger daughter, though she is closer by in Boston. They continue to light up our lives, don't they? She is a lovely girl.

    Happy new year to you and thanks for the blog visit!

  9. A wonderful Holiday for all of you! Thanks for sharing. Your header photo of the waterfall is magical! I have trouble tearing my eyes away from it.