Sunday, 30 January 2011

Ruby Tuesday from Halifax, Nova Scotia

Ruby Tuesday from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

George Montague-Dunk, Earl of Halifax, had been instrumental in obtaining British government approval for a projected town. And so in his honour the new founded village was named Halifax. Halifax was also the site of the largest military fort in the Empire. It was constructed to help protect British North America from the Americans. An earlier fort was built to help protect all the British colonies including the "13" from the French.
Halifax for a time was the premier city of Canada. It then became Montreal, and to-day it is now Toronto.

Halifax, Nova Scotia seen from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Halifax has a half a million people and is the largest city in Canada's Eastern Provinces (the Maritime Provinces). It is also the Capital of Nova Scotia.

The City Harbour. It really is very beautiful. This was taken at sun raise the other day.  I lived here for many years and my Children and my Grandson were born here.

A night view of Halifax, Nova Scotia from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. By the way Nova Scotia means New Scotland from the Latin.

Nova Scotia has the highest tides in the world. They can be as much as 20 meters in variance. Here is a pic of a high tide on a pier. the next is a low tide but this one is only 10 meters in difference.

another low tide not far from Halifax, Nova Scotia,

This is down town Halifax on the water front.

.Here is the famous Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia lighthouse. It is a very beautiful light-house and the ocean views are amazing.

 Container shipping is big business in Halifax. These ones are located at the mouth of the harbour, in the south end.

 and finally to-day Halifax at dawn.
I hope you all enjoyed my favourite city in the world from a few pics I presented to-day.


  1. Fabulous virtual tour - many thanks Reg!!


  2. Beautiful city. I love Halifax and Nova Scotia. My son and his family live in Dartmouth and I will be making a another visit there this summer.

  3. I lived in Dartmouth for 15 years. I loved it there so much.

  4. Nova Scotia is a beautiful place. Hope I can visit someday.

  5. Great posts Reg. I agree Halifax, Nova Scotia is nothing like Halifax,England. Halifax, England is very nice but I would rather visit Halifax, Nova Scotia, The views are stunning to say the least. Your photography skills are second to none.

  6. Gardener X Thanx so much. Funny thing is I wanted to visit Halifax, England so much when I lived in London for a year, but sadly I never had the chance to do so. It is still a destination of choice one day. Halifax only became a city in 1749 or their about, So it just does not have that history that Halifax, England can boast.

  7. Some of those are amazing! I had no idea that tides could vary that much - thanks for sharing it with us!

  8. I hope someday to visit the Maritime provinces. The harbor is stunning, we are drawn to the water and a nicer waterfront is yet to be seen, The tides are cool, the low tide is so far from the end of the pier. A lovely island!

  9. oh i was wondering where you were these days sonny and here you were dreaming of this beautiful city...isn't canada such a stunning country...very very beautiful!....almost as beautiful as the ghost town that now lives right outside of rivers...i guess wheatland wasn't your favourite city because really it was and still is just a little pretty village!
    nice to hear your voice again and i really should put in a ruby has been a while, eh?
    take care and remember spring is coming!
    bernie heard that southern ontario is in for a big blizzard!...snow snow go away and don't come back another day!!...ha!
    such lovely pictures sonny sikora....proud of ya' terry

  10. I would LOVE to visit Halifax! I enjoyed these photos very much.

  11. Halifaz looks like a fascinating place to visit. thanks for the free tour.

  12. I was only here for a couple of days. I did take pics of some of the important places as well. I will later on if I have no idea what to post. Red is such a hard colour to find in a Canadian winter!!!

  13. I can't imagine 20 meters of tides!!! So scary.
    I could learn many things in this post:) Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

  14. My parents were out that way last year, it sounds like a wonderful place to visit :).

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  15. I loved reading the history, the sunrise shot, the low tide shot and the lighthouse which has lovely color.
    A great post.

    Thanks for visiting mine. :)

  16. Wow, what a lovely place to live, such great pictures:)

  17. It's fabulous Reg. We live in such a huge country. I have only been as far east as Saskatoon, as far north as Whitehorse and as far south as the border :) and as far west as Tofino