Monday, 17 January 2011

Ruby Tuesday January 18 2011

I was at a wonderful restaurant in Dunnville, Ontario to-day I live in this town part time. and here was this great sign. Lots f Ruby Red here

Here is the whole display. We actually have a religious colony called the Mennonites that live here and they do not use cars but horse and carriage. It was not meant for them but rather as a decoration.

 Here is a Heinz Ketchup can for the smokers buts at that Restaurant. I just love how the snow and red combine and look so patriotic.

 Now back to my Dunnville home, It was - 30 o C to-day here and that was a record, including wind chill. It was so cold to-day that it was a National News type of a story. Even the sky was pink from the cold. I have to admit that it was the camera not me that saw the sky so pink at 7 this morning at sun raise.

And finally for to-day the wishing well. The poor plastic flowers felt the cold as well. Do not feel sad for me as for to-marrow we are expecting rain, and + 5 o C. This is a day in the life, in Southern Ontario, Canada.


  1. oh was just freezing today!
    these pictures are just great and the mennonites are the nicest people!
    we don't have pretty ice cycles anymore because bernie put some heating cords on the eave troughs and they melt the ice...not so pretty as other years that's for sure..
    well keep warm boy! don't want to catch another cold, eh?
    god bless terry

  2. Wonderful photos. Looks so cold though.

    My RUBY link

  3. The Mennonites have such a rich history...I enjoyed reading your post.

    My Ruby Tuesday Link

    Hope you are having a glorious day!!!

  4. Amazing the temperature extremes eh?

  5. The snow is so beautiful.
    The pictures are so great.

  6. I LOVE your header picture of the falls, "It's Gorgeous"! It's amazing what the weather is doing these days. Your pictures are beautiful and I'll be looking forward to seeing your summer gardens... I'm your newest FOLLOWER and I hope you will FOLLOW ME TOO!!!
    When you get a chance Take a peek at what winter is bringing us here in Connecticut(Northeast USA)...
    We've had LOTS more white stuff since then with more in the forecast for the next 3 days...Thank you for sharing...
    Have a wonderful week,

  7. Few more weeks and it's gonna be Spring. We have 9F here in east of MI, very cold for me to go out ^_^. Great capture here love that horse and carriage sign. Thanks for sharing!
    Reb Bulb