Monday, 21 February 2011

An Olympian Ruby Tuesday Vancouver 2010

A year ago I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the opening of the Vancouver Winter Games. I had two cameras and four lens with me. I must of looked like a press guy !!!!!! I had my camera set to take 3 pictures a second so it was a lot of fun going threw what ended up being a couple thousand pics on several cards. Sad story to all this was that I miss placed the cards before I ever looked at them when I got home. Any way here are a few of those pics. One I think is amazing as I caught the skier going threw the rings bang on.

The Canadian team entering the Pacific Stadium. The roar from the crowd was deafening

A close up of our team

Michelle Jean our then Governor General dressed in a gray dress, and our Prime Minister Steven Harper with his wife who is dressed in red
Anne Murry, Donald Sullivan, and Terry Fox's Mother are a few here bringing in the Olympic Flag

The Polar Bear was just beautiful, this was just before the whale part that was just incredible to see. The ice here was just starting to break apart it looked so real.

This is a simulated mountain and skiers are going down the sides, wonderful to see. Thank God I had zoom lens so I could get a closer look. I spent way to much time changing Cameras and zoom lens, But I am glad I did it.

This is a close up of the aerial skiers

A couple of the torch lighters, there was 4 of them

Wayne Gretzky lighting his part of the torch. Of course this became world famous as part of the torch failed to open up. Being in the stadium we had no idea there was a problem. Leave it to the press to harp on it for days

and finally my favourite picture out of thousands. I was so glad I was able to get it. Here again I used a zoom and the shutter was set at 3 pics a second. 

Anyway I hope you all enjoy these few pics from The Vancouver Olympics one year ago this week


  1. Fantastic captures - that skiier is amazing! How lucky that you found the cards again.

    By the way, the international press really didn't pay much attention to the torch misshap.

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  2. Wonderful photos! The games turned out (for the most part) to be a fantastic event for Canada!

  3. Memorable! What a feat with your camera!

  4. hi sonny sikora...i knew that you are a good photographer but THIS good?! is almost like being there the way you took these! and to think that you got a good shot of terry fox's mom who was there and you saw her..terry fox was the second favourite canadian when the canadian people voted..tommy douglas was first and my hero prime minister trudeau was third.
    oh it is so nice that you took her picture!
    sonny, i have missed your ruby tuesday posts and your quotes of christ....are you feeling all right?..i hope so! take care now my little guy who i used to babysit and get silver dollars for my pay from your mom! terry

  5. I would love to attend an Olympic games. I've watched them with awe all my life.
    Great shots!
    Love your header!

    Carletta's Captures

  6. I always love the Olympics...
    Your newest follower,

  7. Thank-you all. Terry I am suffering from the flu "Again" . Anyway all is well with me in the big picture. Of course living in Canada in the winter it is so hard to get a good pic of the gardens or any thing Red. March is just a few days away and I know that will bring me and the camera back out for any more pics for the coming year.

    I am so glad you mentioned P. E. Trudeau, he was as far as I am concerned the greatest of all our Prime Ministers. Mrs Fox was so well received at the games as well. She was a spot light that even 99 could not compete against.

  8. O Terry it is not that I am good but I have two cameras that are top of the line and and I can do so much with them. I just aim and shot and he camera does the perfection. I could never take these for my self. Also with three pics a second I just hold the camera, press the button and the camera does it's thing. A couple of pics here I did edit to centre but that was it.

  9. dear sonny sorry to hear you are not feeling well again!...when you get the flu it really stays a long time, eh?
    yes...i love prime minister trudeau..when we lived in ottawa and he was running for the leader of the liberals, gary and teddy helped him. mr. trudeau loved young people...he gave them each a huge picture with his autograph.
    you know his son michal was driving the prairies several years ago and he was in an accident. he was taken to the portage la prairie hospital...or maybe the winnipeg hospital, i am not sure...well he was heart broken and worried because his dog had run from the accident and was of our friends, dennis peters worked at that hospital and he told the young mman that he was welcome to use his car to search for his dog....sonny i will find the story and send it to you..
    anyway the doggie was found....a miracle of god!
    when michal died in an avalanche a few years later, that dog would not leave the site...they finally got him and took him home..
    pierre trudeau died a few years later of, i am sure of, a broken heart!
    i will look for that story on the internet and send you it sonny sikora..
    please look after yourself, eh sonny boy!
    love terry

  10. How lucky you were to have been there Reg and such fabulous photos. Great memories! It makes me tear up just looking at them.

  11. Melanie I have such a huge love for BC. I go there at least twice a year. I should just move there and get over my self. But my first love is Halifax NS. Now that said I live near Niagara Falls and I love that as well!!!! I guess I just love my or our Nation no matter where I am at!!!!

  12. I am sure Terry that was an incredible time to have a memory of PET's son. I was so sad for the family when his son, so young died in BC. Then to loose the great man just a couple of years later. I admire any politician, agree with them or not that stands by their own convictions as Trudeau did.

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