Monday, 20 December 2010

A Christmas Ruby Tuesday

Merry Christmas all, and the best of the Winter or Summer Season where ever you live.
Please check out the previous post as well as it tells the story of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer as well that it is the true story of how the story was created. It is a good read. Also very sad in the first half.

Joyeux Noël tout, et le meilleur de l'hiver ou l'été la saison que vous viviez.
S'il vous plaît consulter le post précédent ainsi que la raconter l'histoire de Rudolf le renne au nez rouge et qui est l'histoire vraie de la façon dont l'histoire a été créée. C'est une bonne lecture. Aussi très triste dans la première moitié.

Frohe Weihnachten allen, und das Beste aus der Winter-oder Sommersaison, wo immer Sie leben.
Bitte überprüfen Sie die früheren Post sowie es die Geschichte von Rudolf dem Roten Nase sagen auch, dass ist die wahre Geschichte, wie die Geschichte entstanden ist. Es ist ein gutes Buch. Auch sehr traurig in der ersten Hälfte.

 Boldog karácsonyt minden, és a legjobb a téli vagy a nyári szezon, ahol valaha is él.
Kérjük, nézd meg az előző post, valamint azt elmondani a történetet Rudolf a Vörös orrú rénszarvas is, hogy az igazi történet, hogyan jött létre a történet. Ez egy olvasni. Szintén nagyon szomorú első felében.

I wrote this in the languages to which I understand. English, French,. German, and Hungarian
Because of all the space this will take I will do the rest in English and French 

A bit of Holly growing in my Garden

Un peu de houx dans mon jardin

My dinning-room table centre piece for this year. Some times I have to remember that opulence really is not a Christmas theme. So I take it any way and make it simpler. I guess we all get caught up in the moment.Silver, Marble, and Poinsettia's are really not about Christmas.

Ma pièce salle à manger centre de table pour cette année. Quelques fois je dois rappeler que l'opulence n'est pas vraiment un thème de Noël. Donc, je prends n'importe quelle manière et le rendre plus simple. Je suppose que nous serons tous pris dans la moment.Silver, marbre, et Poinsettia sont pas vraiment au sujet de Noël.
For some reason I could not take a good picture of this. Anyway, Christmas is supposed to be about the birth of the Humanized Lord, the Son of God. These pieces I bought with snow shoveling money in Manitoba when I was ten. I hate to admit it but that was 40 years ago!!!!!

Pour une raison quelconque, je ne pouvais pas prendre une bonne photo de cette. Quoi qu'il en soit, Noël est censé être sur la naissance du Seigneur humanisés, le Fils de Dieu. Ces pièces, j'ai acheté avec l'argent pelletage de la neige au Manitoba quand j'avais dix ans. Je déteste l'admettre, mais qui était il ya 40 ans !!!!!
Christmas Bulbs from the past and present.

Ampoules de Noël du passé et du présent.

The clock ticks away till Christmas!!!!!!
Le compte à rebours loin jusqu'à Noël !!!!!!
The angels are so important in the story of the Birth of Christ. They are the messengers. They start the spread of the good news. More so they tell Joseph it is okay and it was all from God. Joseph I feel does not get much credit in the story of the birth of Christ. So much was put on his shoulders. We forget the Christmas story actually takes us all the way to the flight to Egypt, not just for that one day of the birth.

 Les anges sont si importants dans l'histoire de la naissance du Christ. Sont les messagers. Ils commencent à la propagation des bonnes nouvelles. Plus encore, ils dire à Joseph qu'il est acceptable et ce fut tout de Dieu. Joseph je pense ne pas beaucoup de crédit dans l'histoire de la naissance du Christ. Tant a été mis sur ses épaules. Nous oublions l'histoire de Noël prend effectivement nous tous le chemin de la fuite en Egypte, non seulement pour ce jour-là de la naissance.

All said Merry Christmas to all who read this in the next few days. I hope what ever your traditions are that they are fun filled and placed in the hands of God. For the non Christians I wish you a happy and fun filled holiday. Also remember that Boxing Day is also the feast Day of St. Steven, the first murdered follower of Christ.

Tous ont dit Joyeux Noël à tous ceux qui liront ceci dans les prochains jours. J'espère que quelle que soit votre traditions sont qu'elles sont amusantes et placé dans les mains de Dieu. Pour les chrétiens non je vous souhaite de joyeuses fêtes et amusante. N'oubliez pas que le lendemain de Noël est aussi le jour de la fête de Saint Etienne, le premier disciple du Christ assassiné.


  1. Wow you are very talented knowing all those languages Reg. A very Merry Christmas to you. And I'm looking forward to coming back here next year.

  2. awesome. I had to know them actually. It was part of my job. but I was married to a french girl and my family was Hungarian and Germain. So I was kind of brought up with it all

  3. You can go anywhere and you can't be sold. ;)

    Love all your pretty reds!

    Happy Ruby!

    Maria @ LSS

  4. Lovely post and photos. Merry Chistmas!

  5. Wonderful Ruby Tuesday post. Merry Christmas to you and yours. May the Joy of Christmas live in your home this season.

  6. lovely shots for Ruby Tuesday. hope you've a wonderful Christmas celebration with your loved ones.

  7. lovely red christmas photos,also i admired you for writing well in different languages =)

  8. I need a lot of help with spelling though!!!!

  9. what a beautiful post in any and all languages
    the photos are wonderful, such vivid colors - not just the reds

    I'm glad you enjoyed the opening to my ruby post, a good laugh is always a good thing I say.

    I wish you all good things for the holidays

  10. Whatever the language, the photos tell all - great festive images
    and the header is awesome.

  11. This was a great way of presenting Christmas in your personal way. Christmas is just that, very personal, about tradition, memories and belief.
    Since you are rooted in four countries, I find it appropriate to present the essential message in four languages as well.
    I also think it's great that you have saved your Nativity Scene for forty years. It must mean a lot to you. Thank you for sharing.
    Also the wonderful ruby pictures.I so agree about Joseph, he must have had some heavy burden, taking care of Maria, who suddenly became pregnant, but not with him.
    I think he also received sainthood. Well deserved.
    Wishing you a Blessed and peaceful Christmas and New Year from Norway.

  12. Beautiful ruby Tuesday pictures...but I have to say right back that your header picture is amazing!!

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  14. awe Terry, I missed your post!!

  15. Eh Terry I lost your E-mail can you send it back to me threw E-mail

  16. dear sonny...i made too many spelling mistakes but here is the comment
    oh sonny!...of course i will try and write a ruby tuesday but this beautiful post of yours will be hard to beat!
    dad golden has been so ill that we have spent a lot of time with him...i never even have had the time to put a stamp on the chrtistmas card i have for you but that is all right, better after christmas than not a all,eh sonny boy?!!...hahaha!
    sonny if you want to see what has been happening, go to "the sisterhood of the scarf sisters" where i posted about dad golden yesterday, ok?
    what i am waiting for is for a picture of you and your daughter in each others arms when she gets to your terry

  17. Ah another Canadian! Love the photo of Niagara Falls. You have a great eye for photography - loved them all.

  18. Thanx there Miss Kodee, What part of this great land do you belong !!!

  19. Terry, I will bog down the internet with pictures of my Daughter when she gets here. I am so excited. I hope all will be okay with your Dad and I say a prayer or a dozen for your dad.

  20. lovely pictures, love the red things on your pictures. happy holidays!

  21. these are lovely! "Maligayang Pasko" (Merry Christmas in Filipino ;)

    u may view mine here

  22. Love your post and the beautiful photos!

  23. Reg, your post is exceptional and your dashboard touching. I will definitely look into dementia. I love researching herbals and natural remedies so this will be on my list of articles to create. God bless and Merry, merry Christmas in any and all the languages you are so fluent at! :-)

  24. I am fluent in two and understand two. I needed a relative to translate for me the German and Hungarian as i can not write it.

  25. Awesome red shots :)
    You're so good with languages!
    Thanks for dropping by, wish you have a wonderful Christmas...

  26. Beautiful Christmas rubies.

    My family is Hungarian as well, but I never learned more than enough to get myself into trouble ;).

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  27. Wow, I'm impressed. You know a lot of languages.

    Beautiful photos. Thanks for stopping by for WW.

    My entries:
    Moms... Check Nyo

  28. lovely pictures you shared...advance merry xmas!