Friday, 11 June 2010

In Bloom to-day

My first Hemerocallis fulva (Day Lily)  bloom of the year

A Calystegia sepium (wild Morning Glory), This can be a bad weed, but they are beautiful.

Not sure what this is but I sure like it.

 Ipomoea batatas (Sweet Potato Vines) I love these as a hanging plant. One of my favourites in the garden.

The bud union of a Kniphofia uvaria (Torch Lily)

A Nymphaeales (Water Lily) bloom, I think these are so elegant.

A Begonia tuberous (yellow Rex Begonia). A very stately flower.
These are just a few of what is going on in the Garden to-day.
What is your favourite flowering plant blooming to-day in your Garden?
Mine is the Water Lily.


  1. I actually just have tulips and forgetmenots that are winding down but there are lots of other flowers in bud, dianthus, Papaver orientale, iris and Fuschia.

  2. Yes you are so far north up there, Still surprising to have tulips yet. Mine are completed and the leaves are now removed. Actually early for the leaves as well even here.
    My Iris's are but finished now as well. They went so fast this year. The Garden actually looking like a mid summer garden at this point