Monday, 21 June 2010

Ruby Tuesday June 20 2010

Here we go again another great Ruby Tuesday. A wordless Ruby Tuesday, this time. Have a great summer and to-day is the first day of this great season.

The Kniphofia (Torch Lily, or Red Hot Poker)


  1. Lovely reds -- I'm still on Blue Monday --

  2. Your pictures are magnificent! WOW!!

    Thank you so very much for your faithfulness to pray, encourage, and leave beautiful comments on my blogs. May GOD bless you. I pray you are doing well and HE is blessing you beyond measure.


  3. those are all great shots for Ruby Tuesday.

  4. Andrea, Prayer is always powerful and I believe that.

  5. Martha I am so with you I am still on Monday as well, but I thought I will look forward to-day !!!!!

  6. Hi Reg, what a marvelous gathering of REDs. The birdie, naturellement, is my fav.

    Not quite sure of your comment. Did you perhaps mean to say didn't? If so, please try again. Others seem able to see the picture.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday on Monday.


  7. Beautiful flowers and I love the Cardinal. Great photos and Happy Ryby Tuesday!

  8. The flowers are pretty, bold pastels to enjoy. Warm weather can be fleeting in the North, so we love Summer - and we aim to capture that beauty Nice bird as well!

  9. I love how Mother Nature has no trouble putting red and yellow together and making it look fabulous!

  10. Beautiful pictures. It's my first time seeing your blog. Your garden and blog are so beautiful. You are taking great care of your grandmother's garden.
    Happy Tuesday!

  11. An abundance of beautiful ruby flowers and an amazing bird. They are all new to me, but isn't this some of the joy of Ruby Tuesday, getting around, meeting peopele and cultures.
    I've sure gotten my horizon broadened by sailing the Ruby boat.

  12. The first photo what kind of flower is that? Very pretty!

    RRT~Red Hollyhock

  13. Manang Kim, That is the Kniphofia or better known here as the Torch Lily. They are very elegant and the plants get to 1.5 meters high in the right conditions

  14. lovely flowers...
    thank you for your generous comment.
    i love your visits.

  15. Nice shots, Reg! I remember red hot poker plant from my childhood...
    The bird is my favorite!

  16. we have the hot rod poker here too.

  17. Beautiful shots of very lovely flowers.

  18. Oh my gosh your flowers are just beautiful. Is that a cardinal? Or??? He's beautiful. Thanks for sharing your celebration of REDS!

  19. Yes that is a Cardinal, It is just beautiful. In fairness I am not sure if I took this pic or it was sent to me. At any rate I love it.

  20. A lovely collcection of beautiful flowers. The fiery colour adds a bright note, we're in the middle of winter here. So thanks for this cheery post. The little birdie looks cery cute.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  21. Oopsy-daisies, I forgot to thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comments.

  22. There are some simply stunning captures here and all are perfect Ruby Tuesday subjects.
    If my boat comes up missing, I'm coming for you! Since the bike doesn't belong to me, do what you will with it.

  23. Driller I will keep that in mind !!!!

  24. the red beak bird is cute .looks like he enjoys roaming around the lovely flowers. i like the Lily Torch

  25. Great blooms for RT, and the bird is a great touch.

  26. dear sonny..
    do you realize that it has been almost eight months since you have created your blog and what a wonderful blog it is and what amazing ruby tuesdays and quotes of christ you put in and what marvelous pictures.
    i am so proud of you!
    what is the name of this little bird sonny?
    you are just like bernie..he talks to the birds that come to our lawn and he calls them little guys...he talks to them softly and they never fly away.
    he always keeps the bird bath full so they can bath..the robins really do a good job and it is so funny that when they are finished they go on the lilac bushes to dry themselves out!
    this is the season that i dislike the most as far as robins are concerned.
    when the cherries will be ripening soon that is the time that cruel people start to shoot the little things just because they take a bite or two of the fruit.
    i had a favourite uncle and one time when we were visiting him when we lived in trenton still and i was fairly little, i saw in his driveway a big pile of dead robins and i asked him...why??? "they eat my cherries" he said, and i think that that was the day that he was not my favourite uncle anymore!
    well happy ruby tuesday my own little guy...and congratulations on this post! terry

  27. those are interesting and beautiful flowers! and how cute is that bird on the last photo :)

    u may view mine too here

  28. Great entry.Beautiful rubies. I love all your flowers. Great shots.

  29. Beautiful flower shots and even the little bird has a red spot ! :)

  30. hey sonny..thanks for your visit!
    i know that your grampa named you "sunny" but sorry little guy, you will always be sonny to your old babysitter and i think to sandra panda too and the rest of the goldens! terry

  31. Terry I always like the name Sunny. I so rarely hear it now, but still I smile now when I do hear it or read it.
    That bird is a female Cardinal. She is a beauty

  32. EH Terry I have been noticing that I am now getting a lot of lovely Americans here now, that is a good thing. more so many other Nations as well. Us Canadians will soon be in second place on my site :). All this means is that my Blog is going Global one click at a time

  33. The bird is quite lovely...nice red beak.
    We're still waiting for our red hot pokers to bloom.

  34. yes for sure sonny sikora...there are so many lovely americans..i love the the usa!!
    and for sure you are getting friends from all over the globe.
    my bestest friend, felisol is in norway but she is just a second away by internet, eh?
    i am glad that deborah is following your blog.
    hasn't she got a lovely garden?
    well have to go now SONNY...we are going to take mom golden for her blood test...we have to take her once a month because she is on blood thinners...god terry

  35. Wonderful reds in your garden this year.

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  36. Very pretty red flowers. And that bird is great!

  37. Lovely summer photos Reg. The bird is exquisite.

  38. No need for words, they all speak for themselves.
    Thanks for the visit and for sharing from your grandmother's garden.
    Blessings ;-)

  39. Oh, wow! What a Paradise you have created! Wonderful shots. They're so clear that they almost radiate light.

  40. Hi Reg,
    I'm Yoli from Apron Senorita. Thanks for making a visit over at my blog. I have enjoyed viewing your pictures on your blog. They are gorgeous and the details on them are oustanding.

    Yoli :)

  41. I love your cardinal. I caught a male the other day. I wish I could have gotten closer but will be grateful for what I have. :-)

    Your pics are wonderful and thanks for the visit!

  42. Gorgeous flowers! Love all that red - and the bird's red beak is especially cute.

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  44. Your flowers are beautiful and the torch lily a unique one I'm not familiar with - it lives up to it's name. :)
    I LOVE the female cardinal shot!

  45. pretty all the shots....:) thanks for dropping by on my entry....great to be here!

  46. Stunningly beautiful pics !