Thursday, 10 June 2010

More eatibles

Here are a couple of Brussels Sprouts I planted, a first for me. I have no real knowledge about them, so it will be a learning curve. Lots of computer research to come. As you can see I have a tulip bulb exposed. That happens a lot in my garden in the summer when I work in it.

The Yukon Gold Potato. This was a last minute thought. I had some in a bag all wrinkled up and sprouted. I was going to throw them out. I had a brain storm and planted them instead. Now they are growing. I made one mistake right off the top. I did not plant them in a hole. I found out threw the Northern Gardener Almanac
( here is the site ). Then fill in the hole as they grow. "Who Knew" !!!!!!!!!!

Dill-weed, I love this stuff in many dishes. I was warned that it will take off like a weed in the garden. That is just fine by me. I think it would be easy to weed out if it gets out of control.

The English Cucumber. A favourite of mine. I hope that these turn out fine for me. I have never grown them so it will be fun to see how it goes. I have this one on a fence.

 Here is my mint, I keep it away from the main garden in a pot so it can not spread. I do love it but not as a monster out of control........

As I stated before I never grew veg in the garden so a lot of it is rather new for me, or I am trying to remember how my Grandmother grew things.


  1. Reg -All is not lost just hill up the dirt around the potato as it grows. Your vegetables look great they are growing well.

  2. Hi...Romeo and Juliet isn't mine to ask about copying. And anything regarding the phrase that some tourist guides use, isn't mine either. So, of course you can use it, if you want to say where you found it on my blog that'd be nice...but NOT necessary.

    Thanks for visiting.

  3. Thanx there HOOTIN ANNI, I will do just that. What I am stealing is your Idea!!!!!! And of course I will mention your blog as well.

  4. Melanie, Thanx Melonie, and I must admit that I am rather excited about it all

  5. sonny..those brussel sprouts look so good and so does the dill..yummy!
    sonny, how do you cook asparagus?
    i got some for bernie because i hear that it is suppose to be good for you but i have no idea how to cook it!
    your growing those golden yukon potatoes reminds me of what that green thumb betty did one year in trenton..she planted some rooted potatoes under the front step and those guys actually produced potatoes...not enough to feed seven kids and mom and dad golden, but they DID grow!
    and yours will too sonny terry

  6. The second photograph....isn't that mint leaf.

  7. No that is a Potato. I can post a pic of mint and place it here. I will do it to-day yet.

  8. those veg look great Reg. good luck with it all.