Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A Ruby Tuesday Thank-you

I just want to say thank-you to every one for the last 2 days VIA Ruby Tuesday. I had 312 visitors, for me that is just incredible. Thank-you Mary the Teach for putting this thing together, and Terry for talking me into doing this a few months ago. Also thank-you every one for visiting and commenting. It has made my day special.
The other thing that is so wonderful is that I am meeting people from around the world, how good is that!!! Again thanx all
If my Grandmother could ever Imagine so many people from around the world would even look at a picture of her garden she would be so surprised. I am thrilled for her


  1. naw! you got it all wrong sonny sikora.
    people from all over the world are meeting YOU!
    you know i never did have any kids but i think a did a fair job in helping to raise you when we were all living out in our beloved manitoba!
    for sure and betty did a great job of giving you a few pointers about gardens and sandra gave you the courage to have fun in your childhood and to never grow old at heart!
    good job sonny..i am so proud of you!...love terry

    ps..three cheers for our beloved teach mary and for all of your new friends!

  2. I know but for me the garden is hers and I just take care of it. That said all the visits are between those who come here and my self. Betty sure did take time to show me things, and Sandra gave me a special time in my youth, that is for sure. You gave me a heart for Nature and Life.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love Ruby Tuesday too and I'm happy to meet another Canadian. Thanks for sharing.


  4. nature is always beautiful..so as the dahlia you got here..

  5. I should have known my friend Miss Terry is a friend of yours ... she's been so kind to me over the past few years (even gives me seasonal nick names ... snow queen, lilac princess .. etc. You have a beautiful blog here ... your grandmother would be so proud of her gardens.

  6. I have known Terry since the early 60's as she and her sister was my baby sitter for several years. We all lived in Manitoba, I now live in her home town of Dunnville, Ontario

  7. i too am so inspired by ruby tuesday,
    just this morning....

    i was thunder struck (5)
    such wondrous simplicity, (7)
    haiku on fridays! (5)

    come see...
    come play!

  8. your photos were all amazing, i keep coming back...