Tuesday, 8 June 2010

A David Thompson Explorer Rose

The David Thompson Explorer Rose,
He was an English-Canadian fur trader, surveyor, and map-maker, known to some native peoples as "Koo-Koo-Sint" or "the Stargazer". Over his career he mapped over 3.9 million square kilometers of North America and for this has been described as the "greatest land geographer who ever lived."
Interestingly, Canada;s land claim to the Oregon territory was because of this man. He had mapped and explored it in it's entirety.  Canada did not win this claim fully however (Washington, and Oregon States where born from it, as well as British Columbia in Canada). That said there are now parts of Canada that were explored by Americans and claimed by the USA but lost their claim to Canada (mainly in our far north)!!!!!!


  1. hi sonny.i never realized that this was a separate post than the milkweed one.
    i took another good look at these roses and i really believe the rose in the last picture, i can almost smell it!
    is it very perfumed sonny?
    sonny, i was just wondering if you will be inspired to make a quote of christ again soon.
    you know that the rose of sharon bushes, when they come out will be nice, and the lord is the rose of sharon, eh?
    what say my boy?.....love terry

  2. Reg, these are nice pictures of very pretty roses. You must have a 'green thumb.' I only grew one rose in all my years!

    Happy RT! I'm running late. Thank you for peeking in on Amber (cat).

  3. thank-you Jim, Some people would say I have a green thumb, However in fairness, I am only showing the good stuff !!!!!!! I would suggest growing Roses such as the Explorer, Parkland, Morden, and Nearly Wild. These are easy to care for and they look great

  4. Yes Terry, to-day is the day!!!!!
    The roes actually do not have much smell individually. but because there are so many it is very noticeable.