Saturday, 19 June 2010

Birds from here

A Cathartes aura (Turkey Buzzard), In their own way they are beautiful !!! What is incredible is watching them glide threw the air. They are amazing to watch. This one was flying over my house this evening.

A Charadrius vociferus Kill-dear, This one was at the Ball diamond just a couple 100 meters from my house. It is amazing how they fuss when you get near them. Broken wing and all, faked of course

A beautiful Hirundo austica (Barn Swallow). This one is a very busy guy. He has a home at the next door neighbour's place. They are the perfect insect controller.

a lovely Zenaida macroura (Morning Dove) in one of my trees.


  1. Well captured.
    Did not know about the fussing part of Charadrius.
    Every bird has their own way of survival I suppose.

  2. oh the morning dove is such a treasure sonny.
    i love it!

    and that turkey buzzard, well i would really like to see one of those regal birds and get as nice a pictuure as you did! terry

  3. We had swallows on the farm. I loved their mud nests hanging from the beams and they ate all the mosquitos of course.

  4. beautiful shot of awesome critters....terrific...specially the first one!