Monday, 14 June 2010

Ruby Tuesday June 14 2010

Another Ruby Tuesday, Already !!!!!

Our Towns 150th Anniversary Parade

Local Vets marching the Colours

One of our fire trucks

A local Pipes and Drums 

Our Province of Ontario Flag , and our National Flag of Canada

Diane Finley, Our Member to the Canadian Parliament, She is a Conservative. You can tell this is Canada, no bullet proof tank required for her safety.

Some relatives in front of my house watching the parade.

 Here are some beautiful horses. They where magnificent.

And lastly Canadian Lady Bird, in front of my house with Asia the Shih- tzu in the driveway

It was a wonderful parade and I hope you all enjoyed a few pics from it.


  1. .... and all of them look so colourful.

  2. Great pictures! I love Canada - spent 3 wonderful summers at a girls camp in Nova Scotia; also feel in love with British Columbia - beautiful provinces!

    Touche on the bullet proof tank - but you are correct!

    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  3. Yes I was being cheeky with the comment about the tank, But lately that is how we see VIP'S from around the world . To me that is a shame.

    I lived in Nova Scotia for 20 years and British Columbia for a couple. I do know what you mean about Nova Scotia, it is so wonderful there.

  4. yes this was a special parade this year and it truly was colourful. I wish I could put up 100 pics for this.

  5. That is quite a parade. 150 years is a long time.

  6. dear sonny, i am getting more proud of you every day!
    this is such a beauty of a ruby tuesday!
    you know of course, my favourite picture here is that ruby red fire truck because that is what dad golden was in the air force..a fireman! we were so proud of him!
    that next favourite one is your homey house and the other favourite is the little red car with the fancy canadian flags!!!
    good going sonny sikora! from your old old babysitter!!

    bernie likes the horses and i adore that picture of the dear old gramma sitting and watching and enjoying the parade!

  7. That Lady is so adorable, She has cancer and is 96 and still just moving right along. She had both legs removed and that has never deterred her for a second.

  8. we here in our area are proud of our achievement. We had hard times for a long time and now we are moving forward again. These are good times for our town.

  9. What a proud and colorful parade. The vets with all the different banners and the horses are my favorites, but they're all great.
    I like the idea of Canada being a peaceful country.
    In our capital, Oslo, I have met eye to eye with both the prime minister and the mayor walking in the streets, even without a visible bodyguard.
    As president Obama came to Oslo in December, the whole city was turned upside down.Even the manhole covers were plumbed.
    We were all relieved as he left in peace with his price.

  10. sonny, i just KNEW that there was something special about that little lady!
    are you going to make her some pictures?
    that would be a kind thing to do! terry

  11. I love your red photos, especially them with the horses!

  12. That is a very nice photos, with a lot of reds. Happy RT!

    Red is emergency

  13. The Maple Leaf and Union Jack are wonderful flags. they tell of a confederation and friendship for the ages.The pipers seem sent from the Highlands, and how nice it is to have a parade in front of your home...

  14. Ralph, I am so lucky to have this in front of my home. We here in Canada love Great Britain, and we are proud of our heritage with in the Empire and now the Commonwealth. I think it speaks volumes of what can be done with out hate and war to make nations great.

  15. Willa, I so agree. I could easily go to Toronto and see parades that have 2 million people watching but these town parades you know every one watching and those in the parade. Truly a family in a community that these are

  16. Manang Kim, Thank-you so much. I like red

  17. Terry, O she knows how special I think she is

  18. Felisol I have been to Oslo and I found it to be so much like us Canadians. We have changed a fair bit in the last few years. I am hoping it will go back to the way we where. We have now a Conservative Government that was very much a Bush follower and seen every thing like Mr. Bush. It has changed us. But we still have our values and our National Pride. We see our selves as more European than American. We like it that our leaders can feel safe. However they like to think they are so important that we want to kill them, Go Figure. Mr. Trudeau (former Prime Minister)used to go right into the crowds with no security and discuss politics even with hate groups. Those days are gone

  19. Lots of red photos. I love the the lovely red lily and the parade is nice. Thanks for visiting me.

  20. Ämazing parade. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Wonderful photos of red. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy RT!

  22. Great photos. The lilies are stunning!

    My entries:
    Moms... Check Nyo

  23. Fab shots! Thanks for your visit.

  24. wonderful red captures!

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