Tuesday, 1 June 2010

another Ruby Tuesday

Another week for Ruby Tuesday, and last night I looked around in the garden and behold no Red. Any way so what I did this morning was with hope beyond hope I had something. I managed a Rose. the others are sort of red in the shades
This is a Chrysler Imperial Rose, a Hybrid- T. One of my favourites. I bought this for my Grandmother 30 years ago. She planted it and it has never moved from that spot. O did she complain about how much I payed for it at the time. Still she always adored it. This I think is the best red rose of them all

This is a wonderful Peony and it opened up this morning. Still not quite there but close enough. This one is a Burgundy in Colour. I think it is legal for Ruby!!!!!!!!

Another wonderful Peony, a pink one. Maybe not truly red but hehe close enough. I am not even sure what this colour maybe even called. So I say it is Red!!!

A lovely about to open peony. I really like this picture a lot. Again maybe not a true red here but close!!!!!

Here is a Morden Rose. They are named after a town south of Winnipeg, Manitoba. They where developed in Morden, Manitoba.. These are truly designed to survive with little hassle to the western conditions of central Canada and the USA. Again not a true red but it is part of the spectrum!!!!!

This is my first Tiger-lily of the year, just opening up this morning. Here again, a stretch on the colour red. Still it takes red to make Orange!!!

I hope every one enjoys this post to-day as much as I enjoy posting for Ruby Tuesday. I was having fun with the red to-day so enjoy.


  1. Lovely shots of peonies and tiger lilies! Brilliant colours!

    Happy RT!


  2. You've got some nice sun to help those buds bloom. Lovely 'reds'. Thanks for the visit.

  3. Love the rose. It it always great to have them in one place for a long time. they just look so nice.
    My Ruby Tuesday Link for you

  4. oh sonny! what a gorgeous rose!
    any money that you spent on it for your gramma has multiplied itself many times over in 30 years of blessings.
    for sure and this is a living gift that keeps on blooming year after year and with the first sight of it each year, you remember your gramma!

    sonny, in the last few days welland is just bursting with roses!..last year was a bad year and there were so few, so i think that god is giving us an abundance of them this year to make up for last year!
    i hope that when your gramma's rosebush is in full bloom that you will post it and dedicate the whole post to that special little lady!

    sonny, ruby tuesday includes all kinds of shades of red, so this is ok..all the light reds and the pinks..lovely peonies and that morden rose from our beloved manitoba!
    and ha! that "reddish orange" tiger lily!!

    great ruby tuesday little guy..i am proud of you...love terry

    one month and bernie and i and the little red car will be heading out west...if my health allows it!

  5. wonderful Terry, I made sure I really posted that word MANITOBA just for you.

  6. Nothing beats rubies in the garden! Thanks for visiting.

  7. Beautiful flowers! Yellow roses are my favorites, but I love red ones, too. And your peonies are truly spectacular.

    Happy Ruby Tuesday from Joysweb!

  8. That plant has been blooming for thirty years?! My goodness, I can't keep a weed alive for more than thirty minutes. All your flowers are gorgeous, too.

    My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  9. wow thats a lovely series of beautiful flowers :)

    im your newest follower!

  10. wow very impressing flowers..love them all! thanks for the visit!

  11. Amazing flower pictures.
    How wonderful that you are keeping your grandmother's garden that well.
    I never got the technique of growing roses.
    They are to delicate for my rough treatment.
    The peonies on the other hand seem to thrive well in our garden.
    I will still take some weeks before they'll bloom.
    Now I'm waiting for the poppies, the lilacs and rhododendrons, they are all ready to burst.
    To me gardening is the most sensible a human can do, and the most rewarding too.
    One of my BBF Terry's many relatives, are you?
    She's a bit mine as well, my Best Blog Friend.
    I'm so fond of her.

  12. I like these all, Reg, but especially the Morden rose and the peony bud.

    Thanks for the visit!

  13. Truly beaut photos of those flowers. Thanks for your comments on my blog. The art is an image with the title 'Planet X' (the most popular of all my images).

  14. so brilliant and you captured all those image so well. Flowers are always pleasing to the eyes, thanks for the visit and the comment you left in my entry

  15. Very beautiful rose & Peony Pics !It is amazing that the Rose bush is 30 years old .

  16. gorgeous! love all your shots here...very professional...thanks for sharing!

    and thanks for dropping by on my RT entry....:)

  17. thank-you every one for leaving such wonderful comments to this entry. I enjoy looking at other peoples sites very much, it has only been lately that I have been leaving comments. I am looking forward to seeing more next week!!!!