Sunday, 30 May 2010

Things you can eat!!!!!

A beefsteak Tomato. I like these. however by the look of it I need to do some plant care!!!

A sweet Bell Pepper. I like the more exotic varieties but I at least know how to grow these!!

Peaches and cream corn. I have no love for corn at all, But this is just a fun thing to do in the garden this year. I have never grown corn so there is a first for every thing

sage is a favourite herb of mine

I rarely use Basil but what the heck!!!!!!!

Rosemary I love this in soups so well worth having

Lemon thyme, I have no idea what I will do with this but I guess it is a nice to have thing.

The notorious Mint!!!! I love mint but never will I allow it it to go free in the garden. However I think he looks great confined to a planter with a little garden stuff added.

Zuchini is my favorite veg. I just love it. So I planted three of them. I hope I have success with it.

I never planted vegetables in my gardens before so this year is a fun thing. What I did with the exception of the corn was to plant it all throughout the Gardens mixed in with other things. I think a lot of them make nice plants and I see already that most blend in nicely


  1. It's a great idea to interplant the vegetables in among all your flowers. Three zuchini plants is a lot. I bet you end up giving some away:)

  2. That would be wonderful to do. If I am giving away Zuchini that means I did something right and I will be happy with a lot of meals !!!!! My neighbours seem to be more interested in the Veg than the flowers. I am happy about that.

  3. I too grew basil and pasley and not using them because the husband doesn't like the smell.

  4. Reg, Now that I've looked at you beautiful photos, I think I'll have a salad for lunch.

  5. I have parsley growing but I do not like it. However for the swallow-tail butterfly it is a must to have for attracting them. I agree with your husband on the smell of these as well !!!!!!

  6. Thanx there Mr. Geezer. I love salad so I think a lot of these herbs and things will end up on some fancy creation.
    I am going to post the song. that your you posted for your Memorial Day week-end

  7. yes,, i didn't think that you had a veggie garden sonny, but i really think the way that you keep care of your flower gardens that this garden will be a are very good at keeping the weeds out!
    sage,thyme,basil,and rosemary i love to put in my homemade spaghetti sauce.
    mint, i don't know too much about.
    and as far as corn, that bernie has been eating so much of it the last few weeks, that it is almost coming out of his ears!
    eight for a dollar is a very good price for peaches and cream!
    tomatoes and peppers will be good to have sonny and zucchini ALWAYS grows well and knowing you, you will make some good cakes out of it!
    yes all in all sonny, your garden will be a success! terry

  8. you seems to have a very nice and huge garden..wish to have one..anyway, love your header here..wish to visit Niagara in the future..

  9. Good luck with your veg & herbs. Do you like Rocket (arugula)? Maybe the smell of Basil & Mint reminds you of cats pee!!! But both would go well with those tomatoes. Enjoy.

  10. I must agree that Basil and Tomatoes are a marriage made in heaven. I seem to have forgotten that when I wrote the comment. Other than that I have no idea what to do with Basil!!!!!