Thursday, 27 May 2010


The Top one is a barrel Cactus close up, and it is extremely slow on the grow. This one is already 15 years of age, and still not very big.
 The next two are Prickly Pear Cactus and are Native to Canada and the United States. This variety comes from Mexico so he has to be brought in for the winter. There is a second Type in the pot as well. A little friendlier as his thorns are only a half cm long. The next picture is that of two more types in the same container, neither of which I know much about and they are wonderful on the patio. The second last one is that Barrel Cactus again but now you can see all of him. and the last one is of that big guy close up with a new pad just starting to grow.


  1. oh these scary sharp cactus remind me of the crown of thorns that they pounded into the brow of the lord jesus sonny!

    do you remember when we were younger that the teachers had at school a scary looking plant that used to lure flies in with its sweet sap and then snap shut real tight to kill them...oh i think it was the venus fly trap or something like that.. i never liked the idea and i refused to watch this treachery even though we had to learn it for science! terry

  2. Nature's way of protection.
    I like the first one.

  3. That first one is my favourite as well. I remember the Venus Fly Traps. I thought it was so cool to see those flies get it!!!!! Actually very educational.

  4. I like the prickly pear cactus.It looks quite big.

  5. Yes Melanie that Cactus is 2 meters high. He is also about ten years old now. This spring we had huge winds around 120 K for several hours and it fell. A lot of it broke off. A good thing really as it was becoming impossible to handle all ready.
    Thank-you for all your comments to-day. I truly appreciate it.