Friday, 14 May 2010

A few Wildlife domestic activity pics

A bee in the Wisteria flowers. There where hundreds of bees in this to-day. My Wisteria is having the best flowering year to date and it is incredible to see.

Here is my buddy, I actually called him Buddy Robin!!!. He has set up a  residence again in the yard but moved this year. The next pic will show where. Rather cute really. He has become Condo Urban.

Here is the Robin's Nest. It is sitting on top of a bird house. The Bird house is occupied by a pair of House Sparrows. There seems to be no complaints by either family and are doing extremely well as neighbours.

After a week of rain and cold, actually more like early April, To-day was a warm sunny day. That really sucked, I had to work to-day so I did not get a chance to do any gardening or real picture taken. I am hoping in the next few days to get some wild life back into the Blog, Those are my favourites. There is so much activity now.


  1. Looks like buddy Robin is not happy with time shown by the sundial.

  2. beautiful pictures....Spring is a great time of year. We put out the birdfeeders but we're still trying to figure out how to get the squirrels to back off a bit....

  3. The squirrels, I have no answer for these guys. They are just too smart and determined. There are squirrel proof feeders out in the market but they soon get the hang of those as well.

    Haddock actually Buddy was really pissed. My dog was with me and he got really defensive about the territory. If I was alone there would have been no reaction at all.

  4. jack-in-the pulpits.

    You ot me interested. I must look out for it. Are they the similar family of the yam, cala lily?

    What about this? It is a black flower I found in the jungles of Singapore.

  5. Ann I will post a picture in the next couple of days. Mine are soon to bloom. If not already. they are fantastic and I will do a write up on them

  6. On the blog you have amazing photos. I like to photograph his son Matěj. Have a nice day Radka.

  7. Radka, Thank-you very much. I am so pleased that you enjoyed it

  8. that's really funny sonny about those two bird families living so close together!
    i guess with the felling of a couple of your trees that they had to move into closer quarters.
    too bad people didn't get a long as good as buddy robin and his neighbors get along, eh?
    it is just incredible that those birds trust you so much and don't even fly away when you are near..
    you and sandra panda always had a special way with god's little creatures! terry