Wednesday, 19 May 2010

My little supervisor

This is ASIA. She is my little Imperial Shih-Tzu (2 years old), and a great companion. I just thought I would show a pic of her as she was being very attentive to-day with what I was doing in the Garden. She never misses a trick or a chance. I was planting Glads while she watched. Not to be out done she decided to help by running off with the bulbs. It took me a half hour to find them!!!!! I did manage to get every thing planted before I had to go to work!!!!


  1. hahaha!..that little doggie is acting like a squirrel sonny!
    i see that asia is another doggie i will have to give the time of day to!
    you know sonny, her grabbing those bulbs and running away with them reminds me of the time that betty and i and two other girls were renting a high rise apartment in ottawa.
    ten floors up!
    well we weren't allowed to have pets but we snuck up two kitties and a rabbit.
    because we were poor at the time, we bought dog food as it was cheaper than cat food or lettuce.
    yes!.. even the rabbit ate the dog food!..ha! what did we twenty year olders know about what to feed pets, eh?
    well when i mentioned to dad golden that the rabbit was eating dog food, he said to us, "well you had better keep a good eye on that rabbit because if you don't, he will be starting to chase cars!..ha
    well the furry thing didn't chase any cars, but he did take a disliking to the two kitties and we saw him getting one by the scruff of the neck once and just about throwing the poor darling ten floors down to the ground!
    hahaha...those were the days! terry

    ps..sonny..that is a nice bit of red on asia.
    why not feature her on ruby tuuesday next week? can make your post with asia wishing a happy birthday to our beloved mary is mary's birthday may would be nice...

  2. wow, I will do that. That will be a fun thing to do. Give me a reminder.