Saturday, 22 May 2010

Victoria Day in Canada

Canada still celebrates the reign of Queen Victoria, and is used as the official Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II and all her heirs to follow. It is probably the favourite of  holidays here now as it marks Summer, Camping, Yard Parties, and just about anything else that marks great weather here. This long week-end marks also the big garden planting time, across the nation.

As every other Victoria Day week-end this one is no different, RAIN!!! it seems to every year.
Here in Ontario Victoria Day is also referred to as the two four week-end (in reference to a case of beer) or Fire-cracker Day as most cities and towns set them off on the Monday night.
So Happy Victoria Day every one in Canada and the United Kingdom. Don't drink too much  :)


  1. dear sonny...yes it is almost midnight here and the fire crackers are still going off in the neighbourhood!
    sad to say though that we have lost two more canadian soldiers this week...
    i wonder if the soldiers celebrate victoria day over where they are fighting, or at least they will know that it is victoria day.

    sonny we used to love fire cracker day.
    one year teddy, gary and i were in trouble and mom golden rather than doing the usual spanking told us,"there will be no fire cracker day for you this year", and there wasn' was a very effective punishment sonny..this is when we lived in trenton.
    happy victoria day to you too sonny sikora, and no i won't be drinking anything but pepsi!...ha! didn't you know that pepsi is better? terry

  2. yes the Fire works people where sending up last night lasted well past mid night. So much fun. Asia did not like it much but she was brave. It amazes me how much money people spend on those things. Not cheep. Anyway I can not imagine Terry ever being grounded for any thing!!!!!! and worse to miss out on Fire-cracker Day you must have been so bad!!!!!!

    Canadian Military celebrate Victoria Day where ever they are. It is a big Party as Elizabeth II is our Commander and Chief, and her birthday is marked on that day.