Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Vini Vanderveer Tulip 2 weeks later

Here again is the tulip I created for my Grandmother. Last time it bloomed was in 2006, Saying that this is only the second time it ever bloomed so I had forgotten all the details about it and worse I had to move it at that time before it finished up.
Any way the flower is coming to an end now, and it did a remarkable thing. All the yellow in it turned to a light shade of pink, showing the reds through-out it more gloriously pronounced. I am so pleased with  the flower.


  1. it really lasted a long time sonny...no wonder you are pleased with it. of all your tulips, i think that your gramma's vini vanderveer is the fairest of them all!
    and to think you created it especialy for her with a lot of help from god!...love terry

  2. so true, it such a joy for me to have this. I am now curious to see how long it lasts.