Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Lady's Slipper

Cyprigedium calceolus (Yellow Lady Slipper) it is a member of the Orchid family.

What a beautiful plant this is. The flower is just coming on now and has a few days to go. This is another Wood-land plant from the Ontario Peninsula (for the description of the Ontario Peninsula it is two entries down in the Jack in the Pulpit). 
These are delicate plants that do not like disturbance. This is a must know for a gardener. Be sure to plant it where it can stay for years to come.

Warning: Never pick the flowers as it can take up to seven years for it to re bloom if you do. This is not always the case, but, why take the chance. Also this plant is very toxic, so enjoy it, but show it due respect.


  1. years....that is a long time!

  2. It sure can be a long time for these if you pic them, so I always say just enjoy them as God intended it to be.

  3. I have never seen a ladies slipper. I don't think they are hardy where I live.

  4. From what I understand of them they are a great Lakes plant. Their is a similar one that is pink that is native to the Maritime Provinces. I am much more familiar with those as I lived there for many years. Also the Provincial Flower of New Brunswick.

  5. dear sonny..looking at this beginning of the flower is to you probably just like waiting for a treasure.
    oh it would be such a shame if a person DID pick it and then have to wait seven years for it to appear again.
    what a tragedy!
    new brunswick sure has a pretty provincial flower...almost as pretty as the manitoba provincial flower, the crocus..ALMOST!! terry

  6. you are right about not picking the blooms. My black slipper too takes a couple of years to bloom.