Friday, 28 May 2010

Annuals in the Garden

Gazania, same name in the common as well. There is a large variety of these out there in the market and all are beautiful. I find that less is more with these plants as they show better that way.

and another Gazania. I find that these are their most attractive just before the petals open up and are sort of like spikes

Begonia (Rex Begonia) These have always been one of my favourites. I love them and the yellow is my favourite of these.
I have a little story to tell about these. I grew one when I was 17 and gave the flower to my girl friend. I was all excited to do so. However being a guy, I kind of tossed it to her, she threw it back at me. No date that night, but long story short I did marry her in the end :)

Portulaga (Portulaga Sundial Peppermint). These are a favourite from the past. Every lady seemed to plant these at one time. They do not seem to have the popularity they once did and that is a shame. They love the sun and will tolerate being dry, but not dried out
Dahlia (Fiber Root Dahlia) These are wonderful in the garden if you have a small space and love Dahlias, They do not get very big and look just like the big tubular Begonias

Petunia, same in English. I am not a fan of these and I have to be kind to my neigbour as she always give me a few each spring. I always manage to find a place for them in my garden and I am always grateful for the gift.

Senecio cineraria (Dusty Miller) This is the perfect border plant if you just want a leaf border to enhance what ever is planted behind it. The biggest mistake with these is that people tend to plant them too far apart and thus looses some of the desired effect.

Rather long post to-day but I usually do not spend much time with the annuals here on the blog. To-marrow I will do a few eatables. Which is something new for me.

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  1. ha sonny, if that girl who threw the flower back at you could only see all of the lovelies that you have now, she would of been happy with a big bouquet of them...all different pretty colours!!
    just a beautiful post sonny terry