Sunday, 16 May 2010

For my former Baby-sitter Terry G.

Here are a few pictures of the Arisaema tryphyllum (Jack in the Pulpit). I have put up the explanation in the posting just below this one. I hope you all enjoy this flower. It happens to be one of my all time favourites. I also know it is Terry G's. favourite!!!!! What I enjoy the most about this flower is the under side that you do not see unless you lift the lid!!! O!!, my Thumb Nail is actually not as dirty as it should be playing in the garden!!!

Also for Ann who commented to-day here it is. I hope that you enjoy it as well. The flower will become more pronounced as time goes on and I will post it then.


  1. oh sonny have brought tears into my eyes. this was so very kind of you!
    you know how much i love jack in the pulpits!
    how did you ever manage to be a success at growing these?
    you have a super green thumb.
    betty never had success in this one although as you remember she taught you a little of growing things when you were just a little laddie.
    i was more interested in playing hide and seek with you kids and marbles and hop scotch and double dutch!
    oh well, here you are years later giving me this gift of flowers and you little guy! terry

  2. How I remember all that so well. You where the Angle that lived in that neighbor-hood for all us kids and there where so many of us. how you where able to keep us all from fighting is amazing as well. We just never did fight any of us.

  3. Was Terry really your baby sitter? Did you give her a hard time?

    Did I tell you I went to University in Windsor? It was a great culture and weather shock for a 30 year old from Borneo.

    You green thumb is very green indeed.

    Thanks for following.

  4. yes ann...i for sure was his babysitter and he and his brothers and sisters never did give me a hard was really fun in fact because me being the teen-aged tom boy, myself would have real fun with them and the rest of the kids in the neighbourhood and his mom would pay me in silver dollars!
    ha! sonny used to hang around my sister sandra[sandra panda], and maybe if they had grown up together instead of our family being transferred to ottawa, well, maybe you never know..the little guy could of become my brother in law!...hahahahaha.
    naw..he never did give me any trouble ann and he had better not start it now!! terry