Tuesday, 18 May 2010

for Ruby Tuesday
a day down at the Falls
a lot of red around there these days
Our beautiful Red and White National Flag of Canada, and the Proud Red, White, and Blue of the USA
a beautiful formal set up
Formal Gardens every where
Looking towards down town from Canada Customs
a view of the Canadian Falls in the back ground
The American Falls
The Ontario Flag surrounded by a sea of Pink Magnolias and Red Flowering Crabs
A pavilion at the Falls
The American Falls in the back ground
This Ruby Tuesday is on Lundy's Lane next to the Sky Wheel
Okay that is it for this Ruby Tuesday a little Red tour of the Canadian Side of Niagara Falls. If you would like to see more pictures of the Falls, go down further in the site and there are a lot more,


  1. oh boy sonny!..i am so proud of you!
    you have done such a great job that this manitoba girl is more and more liking the falls!
    eleven miles from the falls and just taking it for granted!
    bernie and i and the little red car hope to come and see you maybe next month.
    under 30 miles from dunnville and you and just taking it for granted..by the time we get those manitoba rivers and wheatlands stones over to you, spring will be almost over!
    well i will mosey on and get caught up with your other posts....love tery

  2. hey sonny sikora..that ruby tuesday restaraunt is really nifty!......love terry

  3. Terry, I've never been to the falls so thanks for sharing it with me and for commenting on my blog today.
    God Bless our military.

  4. What an impressive formal garden. I haven't seen one like this with the box hedges in ages. What a pretty place.

  5. I always forget how beautiful the flowers are in Canada this time of the year. I would love to go visit The Casa Loma and take pictures of their garden.

  6. Casa Loma is so beautiful. I have been there a few times years ago now. I understand hat gardens have been improved and restored to what they would have been when the site was built. Near Casa Loma now on Spadina Avenue, China-Town has become substantial, making it all the more worth while to go

  7. The gardens as seen to-day where laid out in the 1930's for the most part. Boxwood hedges where the fashion. We are so lucky to-day that these formal gardens are still appreciated and I believe they are becoming historical. If nothing else they are now famous.

  8. Mary Lou thank-you for coming to the site to-day.

  9. Hi there Terry as you can see I finally figured it out and posted. I am so pleased that people are visiting the site to-day.

  10. Those flowers are beautiful!

  11. Very beautiful flower pics ! I have never visited the Falls on either side .Great Post !

  12. Sioux, and daylily777, thank-you so much for visiting the site. I hope to see you both again

  13. I was there two years ago and it's so pretty. Among our trips my hubby like Niagara Falls of all. Hope to visit this place this year. Happy Wednesday!

    Ruby Red Tuesday

  14. Manang Kim, there are some wonderful Hiking Trails going down to the river north of the falls also. More so there great trails along the river heading towards Lake Ontario. Lots to see. Much more than the Falls them selves and the best part is it is not nearly as crowded.

  15. I was there in 1976 and was very impressed.