Friday, 7 May 2010

The Imperial Crown, Almost

Fritillaria imperialis (Crown Imperial) I personally believe that this is the most amazing spring bulb of all. It has great height, great colour, and man does it smell awful !!! That said, it does to some degree keep destructive creatures at bay. These are very expensive here in Canada and can run up to about 5 dollars CDN a bulb, same in USA dollars. Planting these can be difficult, as the bulb can be difficult to determine which is the top. If that is the case always plant them on their side. They like a lot of sun as well, but give the place where they can have mid afternoon shade and is cooler. The flower will last much longer.

I posted this plant on March 27 2010 as it just came out of the ground.


  1. Hi Reg

    You sure take some great photos.
    Can you dig up the bulb and replant it next year?


  2. If you dig these up they must be planted in the Fall. It is essential to do so as they need that time. However, they are perfectly fine to leave in the soil year round as I do. I just have to much here to dig every thing up annually.

    Side note here I am a huge fan of your site and thank-you again for visiting mine. I am honoured.

  3. wow mr. green seems that you sure didn't plant this stunning plant the wrong way!
    wow!!!!what a beauty, too bad it stinks, eh?
    haha..maybe you should put a little talcum powder on it!!
    love terry

  4. Believe it or not the plant is beautiful that you forget about the smell. In my case I have so many other things that maybe it is just over powered!!!!!!