Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My Little herb Garden

Here it is, my little Herb Garden. Not much to look at yet but it is well on its way. I plant a variety of Herbs here but not my mint. He got his own spot, a prison of sorts, in a container. This way he will not spread through out the garden. Just for fun I added Marigolds, Gladiolas, and some other plant varieties.. I hope that it will all look great in a few weeks. I planted it all out about 2 weeks ago now.


  1. he herbs looks fantastic Reg. they can only get better as summer is upon us

  2. O I know it. I thought it would b fun to do this, this way.I can only guess that the ground will soon disappear as there is a lot here. I am pleased with my first attempt. Also already used some of the leaves of almost every thing.

  3. dear sonny..i think that the marigolds will look really pretty amongst the beautiful greenery that you have here!
    so nice that you can use this herbs..so much fresher than the stores and so much more tastier!...love terry