Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Niagara Falls May 05 2010 the Gardens, (just pictures) B

King George VI of Canada


  1. Stunning photos. Thanks for posting, the gardens look great and the falls themselves.. awesome

  2. in a way sonny, the cooler weather has been good for all of the pretty tulips. they don't like the heat, eh?
    i think that this year they lasted longer.
    i took quite a few pictures of them at the church this week. they are still doing quite well.
    the lilacs didn't last too long though,
    i wonder why?
    love terry

  3. GardenrX thank-you for comment. We are so blessed that the Government has done this here with the Gardens at the Falls. They have a budget of 200,000,000 CDN annually for these threw out the Niagara Region. The Falls area is just one small part of the much bigger area.