Thursday, 13 May 2010

A Royal Dutch Connection

Princess Margriet of the House of Orange Nassau

The Princess Margriet of the House of Orange Nassau was born in Ottawa, Canada in 1943 during the Second Great War. She is a sister of the Queen of the Netherlands, and third born. She is coming to Ottawa in the next few days to present to our Governor General Micheal Jean a Tulip named for her (you may remember her as the lady who opened the Vancouver 2010 Olympics). The Netherlands has since the War given to Canada each  year a gift of tulips for our freeing them from German Nazi rule. Now in Ottawa we have the Tulip Festival which is a much enjoyed festival in Canada's National Capital and the largest in the New World of its type. A million tulips are on display. The Princess is highly regarded in Canada and is the sponsor of many charities and Dutch traditions here. Okay I am half Dutch. These tulips are from my garden and not ones that are named for our Vice Regal.

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  1. sonny..i wonder if they had any trouble getting the tulips over because of the volcano.
    i know that they had thousands of tulips that had to be put in the garbage instead of being put on the planes to be delivered all over the world.
    this princess is very beautiful!